How to View Survey Results

This article will show you how to view the results for surveys. Interested in how to create surveys? Check out how to create our surveys here! 


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Survey Responses Page

Once you send a survey out to your employees, you can review the feedback in real-time as it flows in on a survey by survey basis.

  1. Go to the Responses page
  2. Select which survey you wish to review
    • The surveys with the green dot are active (still currently collecting Responses)
    • The surveys without a green dot and listed below the line underneath them are closed (finished collecting Responses)
  3. Click into an individual survey

Results Summary Page of a Flexible Survey

In the Responses view of a Flexible Survey, you have access to an abundance of data about a survey's results.

In the Survey details section, you will automatically be shown who the survey was sent to, how many users it was sent to, how long the survey was open, and what type of survey it is (Anonymous, Confidential, Visible).

You can view more details about the survey by clicking on the arrow in the top corner of the Survey details section. This will show you how many questions are in the survey, how many question Categories were in the survey, and if you set up the Flexible Survey to repeat.


Participation by Segment

In the Participation section, you can see an overview of which Segments had the highest and lowest response rate. 

To see a full list of all of your Segments' response rates, click on the See all button in the top corner of the Participation section. Please note that a Segment must have at least 5 users in it to be able to show any participation data in an Anonymous survey.


If you are wondering how groups of users responded to your Flexible Survey, click on the See all button in the top corner of the Focus Areas section.

In the Heatmap page, you can break down your data by Segment or Attribute:

If you have multiple Categories in your Flexible Survey, you can breakdown your data even further within a particular Category by clicking on the arrow to the right of a Category (if you only have one Category in your survey, all of the questions in the survey will automatically be shown):

Prefer to view your data by your organization's Score instead of the Average Delta (how far off a group of users is from the organization's average)? We provide an option for that too!

Question Breakdown

In the Questions section for Flexible Surveys, you can scan through the list of questions from the survey and easily identify which questions scored above and below the Industry and Overall benchmarks. Choose between which benchmark you want to compare with using the dropdown menu at the top of the Questions section.

If you want to see the graphs, pie charts, and word clouds for all of the questions in a Flexible Survey all at once, click on the graph button in the top corner of the Questionsection. You can switch back to the list view at any time by clicking on the list button.

Individual Question Page

Pulse Surveys

Since Pulse Surveys only have one question, when you click on a Pulse Survey, you will automatically be taken to the individual question page. The Pulse Survey results summary page will also include the Survey detailsParticipation, and Focus Areas sections. 

You can access the Heatmap for Pulse Surveys by clicking on See All in the Focus Areas box. Similar to the Heatmap for Flexible Surveys, you can see the breakdown of your Pulse Survey by Segment or Attribute, or view the data by your organization's Average Delta (how far off a group of users is from the organization's average) or by Score.


Flexible Surveys

If you want to see more details about a specific question in one of your Flexible Surveys, you can access the individual question page for any of the questions in the survey by clicking on the question you are interested in seeing more information on.

This is the page where you can take immediate action on specific responses with Private Messages, Notes, CommentsTags, and setting the status of a Response to add it to the Wins Board.

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