Custom-Made Key Driver Analysis Surveys

**Please note that we recommend at least 30 responses for a statistically meaningful Key Driver Analysis. If your organization size is smaller than 30, please send your Key Driver Analysis-supported survey to "All Company” when creating the survey.**

Besides our set of Limeade Listening-created survey templates in the Content Library, our Key Driver Analysis is also available for custom surveys. 

If you would like to have a custom survey template uploaded into your account so that you can have a Key Driver Analysis run on it, please reach out to your Customer Success contact or our Support team

Our Key Driver Analysis is a statistical technique that requires surveys to meet certain scientific standards, such as high validity and high reliability, to have meaningful results. Once you have reached out to your Customer Success contact or our Support team, we will have our Limeade Science Institute contact you to discuss your needs so that they can research and draft a survey that will work best with your organization. You will then approve the template to be uploaded into your account so that the survey can be asked, and the Key Driver Analysis can be run. 

The current process to enable Key Driver Analysis for your own custom survey is:

  1. You will discuss your needs with your Customer Success contact and our Limeade Science Institute. 
  2. Our Limeade Science Institute will do research to draft the custom survey.
  3. Our Limeade Science Institute will present and discuss the draft of the survey with you.
  4. Our Limeade Science Institute will test the survey on different samples of real participants (not your employees) with similar backgrounds as your users to ensure the survey’s experience, accuracy, validity, and reliability.
  5. Our Limeade Science Institute will revise the survey based on the testing results.
  6. We will repeat steps 2 - 6 until a good custom survey template is produced. 
  7. Our team will import the custom survey template into your account, and you will see the template in the Content Library page.
  8. You can schedule this custom survey template to be sent out at any time you want, and you can send it out multiple times. Once the survey results have been collected, you can access the Key Driver Analysis in Limeade Listening just like with any other Key Driver Analysis-supported survey templates that Limeade Listening has created.

Please note that this custom survey template adheres to our Key Driver Analysis conditions and has all of the same Key Driver Analysis functionalities as a Limeade Listening template. This includes the recommend of at least 30 responses for the analysis to be computed and requires that all of the Outcome and Driver questions must be asked in the survey. Outcome and Driver questions cannot be removed for the Key Analysis to run. 

You can read more about these conditions and functionalities in the following articles:

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