Best Practices for a Powerful Key Driver Analysis

**Please note that we recommend at least 30 responses for a statistically meaningful Key Driver Analysis. If your organization size is smaller than 30, please send your Key Driver Analysis-supported survey to "All Company” when creating the survey.**

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Which survey will be Key Driver Analysis supported?

Please note, our Key Driver Analysis is only available for Limeade Listening-created surveys. However, reach out to your Customer Success contact or our Support team if you would like to have us analyze a survey that your organization has created. 

In the Content Library, you will find a list of templates with the Key Driver Analysis Supported label. Within each of those templates, you will find the questions with labels Outcome or Driver.

You can use one of our templates without editing it, or you can duplicate one of our templates to make your own custom survey. Just make sure to keep all of our Outcome and Driver questions to make sure that the Key Driver Analysis can run. If you remove an Outcome or Driver question, Key Driver Analysis will no longer be available. 

You can remove any question without the label Outcome or Driver without affecting the Key Driver Analysis. These questions are there for you to obtain more employee feedback and do not contribute to the Key Driver Analysis. 

You can also add more questions to your Key Driver Analysis-supported survey without affecting the Key Driver Analysis, but these questions will not be included in the Key Driver Analysis.

Each of our Outcome or Driver questions has been extensively researched and authenticated to ensure high validity and reliability and a meaningful Key Driver Analysis. You can edit the wording of the Outcome or Driver questions to fit your organization but will want to preserve their original meaning.

How big is the audience needed for the Key Driver Analysis?

Any statistical analysis requires a minimum sample size to ensure the analysis is meaningful and representative. 

We recommend at least 30 responses for a statistically meaningful Key Driver Analysis. If your organization size is smaller than 30, you will want to send your Key Driver Analysis-supported survey to "All Company” when creating the survey.

Most of our organizations send Key Driver Analysis-supported surveys to their whole organization and try to achieve a response rate of at least 70%. However, please note that if you have a smaller amount of users in your organization's account, you will want to try to get a higher Response rate for a more accurate Key Driver Analysis.

If you send out a survey to Segments with more than 30 users in them and collect at least 30 responses, you will also be able to view Key Driver Analyses that are Segment-specific that Admins and the Segment Admins or Viewers or these Segments can view, too.

What type of audience is the best to send surveys for the Key Driver Analysis?

Because Key Driver Analysis is a very important analysis that helps you make data-driven decisions on which areas of your organization to invest your resources in, we have purposely chosen to support Key Driver Analysis for the survey topics that are business-essential to any organization. Using the power of the Key Driver Analysis at the organization level will help you have the highest return on your investment. 

While we recommend that you send your Key Driver Analysis-supported survey to your whole organization (the bigger the sample size, the better), you can still send one out to a subset of at least 30 of your users. However, please keep in mind that sending a Key Driver Analysis-supported survey to a subset of users will limit the sample size and therefore limit the strength of the analysis. Sending a Key Driver Analysis-supported survey to your entire organization will help you capture the biggest possible sample size and provide you with a stronger analysis.

Do I have to use a KDA-enabled survey template to show the Engagement Index Score?

No, it is not necessary! The Engagement Index score can now be displayed on any Flexible Survey's Results tab, provided that the survey meets the following requirements: 

  • You must use the Engagement Index survey questions from the Content Library in your survey creation.
  • The survey must include all 5 of these Index questions* chosen from the Content Library within it: 
    1. How happy are you at work?
    2. I feel energized when I am working.
    3. I think deeply about the work that I do. 
    4. I speak positively of the company I work for to others. 
    5. I am likely to stay with this organization for the next year.
  • You may have any additional questions included in the survey in addition to the above questions.
  • The questions do not have to remain in the above order, as long as they are included.
  • The Engagement Index Score will not appear until after the survey has completed or closed.

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