The Employee Engagement Survey

From our research, we determined that employee engagement is comprised of how people are emotionally, cognitively, and behaviorally invested in their work.

Employees are considered to be actively engaged when questions in all three of these areas have high scores and are aligned. The adoption of a multi-dimensional approach to employee engagement allows you to form a clearer and more well-rounded picture of how happy your employees are at work.

Our 20-question survey has been tested for statistical reliability and validity and can be used to evaluate employee engagement. It's broken down into two main parts:

  • 5 outcome questions
  • 15 driver questions

Outcome Questions

These items focus on the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral components of engagement and make up your outcome score.

Emotional Engagement “What you feel”

1. How happy are you at work?

2. I feel energized when I am working.

Cognitive Engagement “What you think”

3. I think deeply about the work I do.

Behavioral Engagement “What you do”

4. I speak positively of the company I work for to others.

5. I am likely to stay with this organization for the next year.

Driver Questions

Even though these questions are treated as 15 independent predictors, they can be grouped into the following seven categories: Personal Resources, Empowered Work Environment, Effective Management, Benefits and Pay Satisfaction, Growth and Development, and Health and Wellness.

Personal Resources “Who you are”

6. I have the ability to easily adapt to new situations.

7. I have the ability to complete challenging tasks.

Empowered Work Environment “How you work”

8. My job allows me to make multiple decisions on my own.

9. My job involves completing tasks that are meaningful.

Communication “How you are informed”

10. This organization provides adequate information about important changes.

Effective Management “Who you work for”

11. My manager provides clear goals for our group.

12. My manager offers useful feedback regularly.

13. I am well recognized when I do great work.

Benefits and Pay Satisfaction “What you get”

14. I am satisfied with the salary I receive based on the work that I do.

15. I am satisfied with the benefits offered by my employer.

Growth and Development “What opportunities you have”

16. I am satisfied with the number of developmental opportunities available at work.

17. The company uses a fair system to allocate resources.

Health and Wellness “Where you work”

18. This company effectively maintains a safe work environment.

19. This company cares about my well-being.

20. My workload at this company is manageable.

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