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Need some help figuring out what questions you have already asked or want to determine what questions to ask next? The Content Library is one centralized location where you can browse and manage all of our Question Bank questions, your Custom Questions, Flexible Survey templates, and Question Categories.

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All of our Question Bank questions and your Custom Questions added after the Content Library launched are shown in the Questions tab of your organization's Content Library, making it easier for you to discover what questions are currently available to ask.

To access the Content Library page, open up the Engage section in the Surveys tab.

View questions

Filtering questions

Do you have an approximate idea of what you would like to ask your users, but need some help to determine exactly what to ask? There are three ways to filter your data: Source, Category, and Type.

Choose from showing Limeade Listening questions or Custom Questions that your organization created.

Choose from showing a single Category's questions or any combination of Categories' questions.

Choose from showing a single Type of question (Scale, Boolean, Multiple Choice, or Open Text) or any combination of Types of questions.

Sorting questions

Want to change how the questions are sorted? Click on any of the headers above the question information to re-sort the questions in ascending order and again to choose descending order.

Searching for questions

Looking for a particular question? Use the search bar to find a word or phrase from a question.

Edit questions

The wording of our questions may not be perfect for every organization. You can easily change the language or words of a question, without altering the meaning by clicking on the three dots and Edit to the right of a question or by clicking on the pencil icon in after selecting a question. This is a good option if you want to provide a translation for any non-English speaking staff, adjust to Queen's English, or substitute your organization's name for "organization".

In the edit page, you can update the wording of the question, add Additional Details, or change the rating labels.

After you have edited a question, you are always able to change it back to our default question by clicking on the Restore original question button in the Edit page.

Add questions

You may love that we handle all of the planning, thinking, and delivery of Pulses for your users. At the same time, we understand that organizations encounter atypical situations like management changes, a move in location, etc. and would like to ask a customized question that pertains to these situations. Customized questions can also allow you to address your organization's culture specifically, as each organization will have its own unique cultural identity that may need particular questions to assess changes over time.

To add a Custom Question to your organization's Content Library, click on the Add Custom Question button in the top right corner in the Questions tab.

Then, all you need to do is create your Custom Question, and it will be added to the list of questions in your organization's Content Library! You will still want to go to the Survey Schedule page to set up a survey to ask your new question.

You can also remove any Custom Question from your organization's Content Library by clicking on the three dots to the right of the question and selecting Delete or by clicking on the trash bin after selecting a question.


TINYpulse is stocked with several survey templates designed for specific purposes, such as gauging manager effectiveness, diversity in the workplace, mergers and acquisitions, and more. You can view and schedule these templates in the Content Library.

If you find a survey template that you would like to use for a Flexible Survey, either click on the three dots to the right of the question and select Schedule, after that you will be directed to go through the Flexible Survey creation flow (the flow is in this article: Manage Engage Surveys) or, after selecting a template, click on the Schedule button in the top right corner.

Add Custom Template

Does your organization have a particular set of questions that need to be asked at regular intervals? If so, you are in luck! You can create custom survey templates from scratch that you can save for later use and use time and time again. For example, if you need to survey your users about whether safety standards have been correctly observed every two months, you can easily save a template for it in the Content Library for repeated use.

1. To create a Custom Template, click on the Add Custom Templatebutton.

2. Create a name for your Custom Template and add an optional Description if you want to note what the Custom Template is meant to be used for. Once you have added in the Template name and Description, click on the Continue button.



3. On the next page, you can add the questions you want to ask in this survey (this can be a mix of Limeade Listening Question Bank questions and Custom Questions). Please note, a Custom Template must consist of at least two questions. After you add all of your questions, click Save.



4. Congratulations, you have now created a Custom Template! You will then be taken to the preview page for your newly created Custom Template, where you can choose to schedule it right away. To do this, click on the Schedule button.



If you do not have a specific date in mind of when you want to send your survey, you can close the page, as your Custom Template has been successfully created and can be found at the bottom of the list of templates in the Content Library under the Templates tab.




While Limeade Listening has several categories that all of our Limeade Listening-created questions bucket into, we recognize that other organizations may want to have unique ways to group their questions.

Create Custom Categories

Creating Custom Categories is quick and easy to do! You can create them either by going to the Content Library or when creating a survey.

From the Content Library:

1. Go to the Surveys tab, select Engage, and click on the Content Library page.

2. From the Questions tab, click on the Manage Categories button.

3. On this Manage Categories page, you can see all of our Limeade Listening Categories and any Custom Categories that someone from your organization has already created. Click on the Add Custom Category button.

4. In the resulting pop-up, enter your Custom Category's name and then click on the Save button.

5. Your new Custom Category will now appear in the Category list and will be available for you to select when creating Custom Questions.

When creating a survey:

1. Go to the Surveys tab, select Engage, and click on the Manage Surveys page.

2. Click on the Create Survey button.

3. When creating a Pulse or Flexible Survey, choose to ask a Custom Question.

4. During the Custom Question selection or creation process, in the Question Category section, type in the name of the Custom Category you would like to create and click on the Create new category button.

5. Your Custom Question will be tagged with your new Custom Category. This new Custom Category will now appear in your list of Categories and will be available for you to use when creating other Custom Questions in the future.

Using Custom Categories

After you have created a Custom Category and have asked at least one Custom Question with it, you can track it at any time in the Categories page in the Reporting section. On this page, you will find the average score for your Custom Category, as well as how it is trending over time.

Please note that Custom Categories will not have benchmarks because any Custom Categories that you have created are unique to your organization's account. 


Can I schedule a Pulse Survey from the Content Library page?

Not yet! At this time, you are only able to schedule Flexible Surveys from the Templates tab.

Are Custom Questions automatically saved to the Content Library?

Yes, any Custom Questions that you create in the Manage Surveys page will automatically be added to your organization's Content Library. Unfortunately, any Custom Questions created by your organization before the Content Library was launched in 2020 were not added to it.

Can I delete Limeade Listening-created questions, templates, or Categories?

You are not able to delete a Limeade Listening-created question, template, or Category. You cannot edit a Limeade Listening-created template in the Content Library but can edit it when scheduling the survey. You CAN edit a Limeade Listening question; this will bring you directly to the “Edit question” flow for that question, and once you save the question it will have an “edited” tag next to it in the Content Library.

Can I recategorize Limeade Listening-created questions with my Custom Categories?

Limeade Listening-created questions must remain in the Categories that we have assigned them to.

How is the Average Participation of a question calculated?

It is the average response rate of that question for your organization. If your organization has never asked a particular question, there will be no response rate data for it. If you have asked a question multiple times, it will show the average response rate from all of the times it was previously asked.

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