Question Type - Matrix Grid

Your organization may have the need to ask multiple aspects of one topic within one question instead of splitting it into multiple questions. For example, if you want to ask about employees’ satisfaction with the different benefits packages (Dental, Medical, PTO, 401k, Paternity/Maternity Leave, etc.) that your organization provides, we recommend using a Matrix Grid question instead of a single question for each benefit package.

Not only will your employees have a better survey experience, but Admins will also have a better reporting experience. When grouping related aspects into one Matrix Grid question, you will have more organized and easily-accessible results for the topic in question, saving you time in the long run.

How to create a Matrix Grid Question 

Matrix Grid Questions are made up of rows (Statements) and columns (Scale Points). Each question needs at least one (1) Statement and two (2) Scale Points, but it can have up to 20 Statements and 11 Scale Points. 

!! Matrix Grid response options are only available for Custom Questions, in Flexible Surveys. !! 

Matrix Grid Questions from the Employee Perspective

You will be able to see the preview of the Matrix Grid Question before confirming the creation of the survey. Your employees will see the Matrix Grid Question the same way on the web app. 

For Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook Actionable Message, the Matrix Grid Question will look a bit different. 

Each Statement will have a list of Scale Points nested into a drop-down menu. This is due to the limitation of these third-party apps. Employees have to choose one (1) Scale Point option for each Statement to be able to submit the survey.

Microsoft Teams View:  

Outlook View:

Slack View:  

Even with the limitations of these applications, Matrix Grid Questions will still bring a better survey experience for your employees by grouping relevant topics into one question and helps bring you a better reporting experience.

Matrix Grid Question Reporting

Once your survey starts collecting data and if it meets the anonymity rule (for an anonymous survey), you can view the results in the Matrix Grid Question’s detailed reporting page. 

The stacked bar chart gives you visualization of the aggregated data, representing how popular each Scale Point is for each Statement. You can hover on each bar to see the breakdown for each Statement. 

You can also click on the Scale Point legends on the right to highlight their percentage across the Statements in the chart. 

With the additional comments list, you can filter by a combination of one Statement and one or more Scale Points. For example, let's say you are interested in seeing the additional comments left by the employees who rated high on a specific Statement (Home office set up). 

Choose the Statement, then select the Scale Points (Neutral, Satisfied, Very Satisfied), and the results that meet your requirements will show.

Just like with other question types, if you wish to download the data for your survey in CSV format, you can export the survey responses with the green Export button on a survey’s reporting page or navigate to the Share Center > All Surveys page, then choose “Export to CSV” for that survey.  

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