Manage the Limeade Listening Happiness Question


How happy are you at work


This question is the cornerstone of Limeade Listening Engage as it is our mission to make employees happier. Keeping that goal in mind, the Happiness Question is the only pulse question that is scheduled on a regular cadence. We believe this will help you take a pulse on how your employees are feeling and if there are any issues of the moment that need your attention. 

You can change how often the Happiness Question will be asked by going to the Progress Plans page. From there, you can click on the three dots in the top-right corner of the Happiness Progress Plan, select Edit, and go through the pages of the Progress Plan creation until you reach the Edit Plan Schedule page. On this page, you can choose when you want your next survey to go out, how long you want it to be open for, and how often you would like the survey to repeat.


Asking the Happiness Question on a regular basis with the Happiness Progress Plan will also let you monitor overall happiness over time. Just go to the Happiness Progress Plan in the Progress Plans page to see your organization's Happiness trend compared to your Industry Benchmark and the Overall Benchmark of all organizations using Limeade Listening Engage as well as see trending by your Attributes.


If you do not want to ask the Happiness Question, you can go ahead and Complete the Happiness Progress Plan by clicking on the three dots in the top-right corner of the Progress Plan in the Progress Plans page and selecting Complete. If you decide you would like to continue asking the Happiness Question at a later date, you can always go back and Reopen this Progress Plan.

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