Send Anonymous, Confidential, and Visible Surveys

As an Engage Admin, you can choose between a few types of surveys to get the answers you need to make better decisions. Surveys help you understand what is working, what is not working, and different areas you can improve.

Types of surveys

Limeade Listening offers three types of surveys to serve different purposes: Anonymous surveys, Confidential surveys, and Visible surveys. Please note that you must send a survey to at least five users for Anonymous and Confidential surveys.

In Anonymous surveys, there is no way to see the identity of who is providing feedback, unless a responder provides identifying information in a Response (for example, revealing information about their demographics or providing their email address or name). 

Anonymous surveys can give you better results in the following ways:

  • You and your strategy team can analyze responses without bias that you would otherwise have toward known participants
  • Respondents will likely feel more comfortable sharing their honest opinions
  • Employees can participate without fear of retaliation from management or executive leadership in your organization

In Confidential surveys, responders’ email addresses are disclosed to Super Admins, and Super Admins only, via an API integration or our export tool. Identifying information for this survey type is not visible inside of Limeade Listening or in the Shareback Report. For other Admins, Group Admins, and Viewers, a Confidential survey works exactly like an Anonymous survey. These users will not be able to see any identifying information.

Confidential surveys become more helpful when you need to dig deeper into the data or slice the reports the way you want:

  • When you have a follow-up survey to explore an issue more thoroughly or want to collect feedback about changes you have made since conducting the first survey
  • When you need an identifier to build analytic reports to discover trends (for example, if you ask the same question multiple times throughout the year or want to see how a user who responded to a particular survey in the past responded to a recent survey. )

In Visible surveys, you can see respondents’ identities in Limeade Listening and in reports (not including the Shareback Report). Employees will not be able to see the identities of other responders.

Visible surveys can help you ask about a very specific matter and enable you to follow up closely with each individual:

  • You can ask questions that will help you understand the needs of each individual instead of your users as a whole
  • You can send out informal surveys about a holiday or about a company event
  • You can send out an exit survey to an employee who is about to leave the organization

How to send out surveys

Pulse Surveys are always Anonymous Surveys. However, you can choose between sending an Anonymous survey, a Confidential survey, or a Visible survey on the first page of the survey creation process for Flexible Surveys. 


Can I change a survey from Anonymous to Confidential or Visible after a survey has been sent out?

No, once a survey has been sent out, it will remain as either Anonymous, Confidential, or Visible. Super Admins and Admins are not able to make an Anonymous survey Confidential or Visible, a Confidential survey Anonymous or Visible, or a Visible survey, Anonymous or Confidential once users can respond to it. Users’ anonymity is our top priority; their anonymous Responses will stay anonymous (unless there is threatening or harmful material posted in them).

However, you are able to change the type of survey before the survey has been sent out to your users in the Edit Survey page.

How will my users know what type of survey they are responding to?

  • There are a couple of ways to know what type of survey you are going to respond to:
  • In the email notification, there is a header at the top of the survey that says what type of survey it is
  • In the Surveys page, there is an icon on each survey that will let you know what type of survey it is
  • If you are responding to a gray Flexible Survey, before you start the survey, there will be an additional page letting you know what type of survey it is so that you are aware of it going into the survey
  • In Slack, Teams, and Outlook Actionable Messages, there is an additional line of text with more information about what type of survey it is

How do I let my users know about the new types of surveys?

If you intend to use the new types of surveys, we recommend sending your users our Support Guide about the new types of surveys targeted for employees. This will give them more information about the various types of surveys and how to recognize the various types of surveys. Click here for the link to this article.

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