Create a Progress Plan

Want to learn more about how to review the results of your Progress Plans? Click here!

As an Admin, you can use Progress Plans to help you consult and advise senior leadership on issues and best practices. Progress Plans provide you a framework for declaring what your company plans to improve upon, how you plan to improve upon it, and how you will know if you are successful.

Create a Progress Plan

What does a Progress Plan consist of?

Progress Plans track your improvement on a particular topic or focus area by consistently repeating a survey to trend the survey results. There are a few key elements of a Progress Plan: Title, Description, Schedule, Survey Type and Content, and Audience.

TitleThe topic or focus area of the Progress PlanRecognition Survey
DescriptionWhy did you choose to trend this survey?Our annual engagement survey revealed that many employees do not feel properly recognized for the work they do. We are making a concerted effort to change this over the next 6 months and, therefore, we will send a “Recognition" survey each month and trend the results to ensure we are actually making progress.
ScheduleWhen you want the survey to be sent out, how long you want the surveys to be open, and how many times you want it to repeatAsk the survey monthly

Leave the surveys open for one month each

Asked over the course of 6 months

Survey Type and ContentAnonymous, Confidential, or Visible
Choose which questions to ask in your survey

Recognition Survey (Scale Questions)

1. I receive formal recognition for my contributions.

2. Positive recognition is given freely at work.

3. Recognition is given in a meaningful way.

4. Recognition is delivered in a timely manner.

AudienceThe users whose data you are tracking with this Progress Plan The whole company


To create a Progress Plan, you will want to set up the schedule, create the survey that will be sent out, and confirm that the Progress Plan details are correct.

1. Set the date and time for the first survey in the Progress Plan.

2. Choose how often the survey will repeat. You can set this up for weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, and indefinitely.

3. Once the date, time, and repeat cadence have been set, the Progress Plan schedule will show on the timeline. You can change the details of the schedule at any point after creating your Progress Plan.

4. Select which survey you want to send out. You can use one of our TINYpulse-provided Templates or create your own survey from scratch. For more information on how to create a survey from scratch, click here.

Because Progress Plans are meant to track qualitative data over time, we recommend that you mostly use Scale questions when creating your survey, as Boolean, Multiple-Choice, and Open Text questions cannot be tracked in the Progress Plans graph - the results from these question types will only be visible in the survey Responses page.

*Please note, you cannot edit your survey questions after the first survey has been sent out.*

5. After you set all of the details for the Progress Plan you will have a chance to review and confirm it before saving it. 

If you want to make any changes, you will want to navigate to previous steps and make updates on the Progress Plan creation pages. 

If everything looks good, click on the Save button and the Progress Plan will be active!

Want to learn more about how to review the results of your Progress Plans? Click here!

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