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Want to learn more about how to create a Progress Plan? Click here!

As an Admin, you can use Progress Plans to help you consult and advise senior leadership on issues and best practices. Progress Plans provide you a framework for declaring what your company plans to improve upon, how you plan to improve upon it, and how you will know if you are successful.

View all of your Progress Plans in one place

To access your Progress Plans, click on the Progress Plans tab in your Admin View.

There are two sections on your Progress Plans page: Active Plans and Completed Plans. You can reactive Completed Progress Plans by clicking on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of any individual Progress Plan. Or, if you want to complete an Active Progress Plan, click on the three dots on the individual Progress Plan and select Complete. Click here for more information about managing your Active and Completed Progress Plans.

Review the results of a Progress Plan

The Overview tab gives you the basic details of your Progress Plan as well as a quick indication of how much overall progress has been made since you created the Progress Plan.

The Progress Over Time tab dives into the trending results.

The dropdown menu at the top of the page allows you to view the trend chart by your Saved Groups or Attributes.

The dropdown menu above the chart itself allows you to compare your scores for any individual Attribute. For example, selecting “Department” will display how all of our departments compare with one another over time.

Below the graph, you will see a list of all the questions that make up the survey for this Progress Plan.

If you want to see the trending results for any one question, you can click on any of the questions in the Index Questions section.

In the individual question's trend page, there is the Question Indicators section, the Trending graph, and the Breakdown.

  • Question Indicators has Overall Improvement (the percentage of the difference between the very first time the survey was asked and the latest time the survey was asked), the Latest Score (with a percentage of the difference between it and the previously asked survey), and the First Survey
  • Trending has a graph that will show you all of the individual surveys' overall scores tracked over time
  • Breakdown identifies which Attributes have made the most progress and which have made the least

Want to learn more about how to create a Progress Plan? Click here!

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