Actions in Progress Plans

Progress Plans allow you to…

  1. Intentionally Track Your Most Important Initiatives
    -- Log your important initiatives within a Progress Plan to easily report on improvement over time.
  2. Visualize Trends
    -- Trend graphs make it easy to report the progress you are making to your organization. Using Employee Attributes you can clearly understand which parts of the company are making progress and which groups need help.
  3. Commit to Action
    -- As you continue to gather survey data and understand trends throughout the plan, you’ll find yourself wanting to take action outside of Limeade Listening in order to actually “move the needle”. Actions inside of Progress Plans gives you a way to document those actions under your initiative.

Want to learn more about creating Progress Plans? Click here!

Add Actions to a Progress Plan

Inside a Progress Plan, you can add new actions from the “Actions” tab.

If your Progress Plan Survey includes questions from Limeade Listening’s Employee Engagement Survey, then Limeade Listening has recommended Actions for you based on the Engagement Driver to which the question is tied.

If your Progress Plan does not include any of those questions and recommendations, that is perfectly OK! You still know your people and your organization and what can help make a difference. 

Select Custom Actions and write out what action your organization is taking in order to make progress. Limeade Listening is continually working on expanding its action recommendations for more types of questions. 


Tasks and Resources

After you add an Action, you can click into it and add Tasks and Resources

You can add or edit Actions at any time while the Progress Plan is Active. Once an Action is complete, mark it as so!

You can re-open an Action at any time.

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