Add Comments to Responses and Suggestions

With all the rich feedback you undoubtedly receive from your team during each week's TINYpulse survey, it can be helpful to add a comment to specific responses and suggestions. Adding a comment has many uses including responding to the employee's feedback for all admins to see, assigning specific administrators to reply to certain responses, and leaving yourself a note to follow up to the corresponding item.


Be aware that notes will appear in share back reports send by URL. So remember to delete any comments that you don't want to have shared outside of the administrator dashboard.


Add a comment to a response or suggestion


In true TINYpulse form, adding a comment is simple! Comments can be added to any qualitative response to the weekly TINYpulse question or suggestion. Just click Comment in the box with the response or suggestion and a line will appear for you to enter your note.


Public vs. Private comments



Before you enter a comment, decide whether or not you want to share it with employees. There are two types of comments that you can post to target the correct audience.


  • Public comments will appear on the share back reports and are posted to the Employee Portal if it is enabled. This is for administrators to participate in the dialog, act as a voice of authority, and publicly respond to employee feedback. Employees will see your name on your comment on the share back report or Employee Portal. The employee who initially submitted the suggestion will also receive an email notification alerting them to the new comment. Comments are public by default, so use the dropdown menu to switch to private if you wish.

  • Private comments live only on the admin dashboard and are only visible to other TINYpulse administrators at your company. They do not appear on share back reports or in Employee Portal. Private comments are meant for admins to have a private conversation to collaborate on feedback without employees seeing the dialog behind the scenes.


Both types of comments will come with a label. Public comments will have a grey Admin label for employees to see that you are an administrator. They will see your comment on the Employee Portal and share back report and will know immediately that you're commenting as a part of the TINYpulse admin team. Private comments will have a red Private label for other admins to quickly notice that certain comments on the dashboard have not been published are for the admin team only.


Edit or delete a comment


Editing and deleting comments is as simple as adding them. Click on Edit or Delete once and voilà, it is gone! Remember that private comments won't show in the share back reports, but public comments will. Be sure to delete any public comments that you do not want employees to see before generating the report.



You can add, edit, or delete comments at any time, even if the survey is closed.


View comments on the Shareback report


If you are not already creating reports to share back with your team, take a look at this article for the benefits of closing the feedback loop. In short, employees are more willing to continue to give great feedback if they know their voices are being heard and they see action being taken by administrators. Share back reports are a great way to increase transparency and communication among your employees, so get sharing!


Getting back to the point, you have been commenting away on responses and suggestions, so here is some information about how they will display on share back reports.


  • Public administrator comments on responses and suggestions will appear on the Shareback report since their intent is to actually respond to employee feedback for everyone to see.

  • Private administrator comments will not appear no matter what.

  • Public admin and employee comments can be hidden entirely from the share back report if you do not want to include them. Just go to Users and Settings -> Settings -> Shareback Report and uncheck the Show comments box.

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