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Anonymous Engage surveys can give you invaluable feedback, both positive and negative. But sometimes you need more information and you're left out in the cold with no one to follow up with since feedback is submitted anonymously. But don't worry, we have a solution. Private messaging allows administrators to open a gateway for two-way, anonymous conversations between administrators and employees so you can get that additional information from employees without compromising their anonymity. 


Follow up on a single response


Administrators need to be able to address responses that have been left by employees. TINYpulse's private messages are relayed by TINYpulse via email to facilitate constructive dialogue and engagement. From our experience, this has created a significant impact for all administrators who use this feature.


Send a private message to anyone who enters a qualitative response from an Engage pulse survey or a suggestion. Just find the response or suggestion you want to send a message about and click the Private Message button. A text field will appear just below the response/suggestion where you can start the dialog.



Click Send and the employee will get an email in their inbox alerting them of your message. They then have the opportunity — but not the obligation — to respond.



If they click the link, they will be taken to a page that displays their original comment, the private message, and a text box for them to reply to you. This dialogue can continue for as many back-and-forth messages as needed.


Send a mass private message


Sometimes employees will respond to a 1-10 scale question or a boolean (yes/no) question without leaving any qualitative feedback. TINYpulse does encourage employees to respond with constructive feedback rather than just dropping a score, but sometimes they neglect to elaborate. Thankfully, administrators may send them all a private message to start a dialogue. While employees are always free to choose whether or not to provide additional feedback or respond to your private message, reaching out to them will let them know that you have acknowledged their feedback. 


On the Survey Responses page, you will see a yellow banner at the top of the screen if you have had employees give a response to a scale or boolean question without entering feedback. Click the link to send them all private messages. Then sit back and cross your fingers they reply. 



Your private message will be sent to all responders who did not leave comments with the selected score, but the messages are received individually. It is not a group chat so you might get one response back, you might get them all. It just depends on how many employees choose to respond and you will need to manage each thread separately. 

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