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Collecting employee feedback via Limeade Listening is an amazing first step towards a more open and transparent culture. However, if you are not taking action to address the feedback, it is almost worse than not asking for it in the first place. 


Some things administrators can do in Limeade Listening to be transparent and close the feedback loop are sending private messages on Responses and Suggestions, creating shareable reports after every survey, enabling the Employee Portal settings to let employees collaborate on Suggestions, and using the Wins Board


The Wins Board is an organizational tool used to track progress on employee feedback. Create initiatives to take action towards a better workplace, and celebrate with a Win once a solution has been reached. 


This board is the easiest way to improve transparency with employees, keep them in the loop, and save you time as an administrator by giving employees visibility into the amazing work being done to address their feedback. 


(i) You must have Admin or Super Admin permissions in Engage in order to enable and use this feature. All roles can view the Wins Board in the Employee Portal. 



How it works


Feedback comes in through many channels like anonymous employee Suggestions in Limeade Listening, 1:1 conversations, all-hands meetings, and more. Employees already have the tools they need to give feedback, but how are they tracking progress on it? That is where the Wins Board comes in. This card-style tool is mutually beneficial as employees can use it to track progress on their feedback, and administrators can use it to stay organized. 


When used properly, transparency and collaboration can be improved immediately. The first thing you need to know is that Wins Board is arranged in three columns:

  • Under Consideration: This column is your unprioritized to-do list. All anonymous Limeade Listening Suggestions given in the last three months appear here automatically and you can even create your own backlog items if you have a piece of feedback that came from your pulse Responses or even outside of Limeade Listening

  • In Progress: Move items into the In Progress column when you are ready to work. Here you can add collaborators to delegate responsibilities to others and even add tasks to show step-by-step progress.

  • Wins: When you are done, celebrate by moving a card to a Win!


Employees can track progress all throughout the process and view your comments so you can close the feedback loop directly within TINYpulse.


Enable the Wins Board


The full Wins Board is available when the Employee Portal Suggestion streaming is turned on. If you do not have Suggestion streaming enabled for employees to view Suggestions in the employee portal, then you will get a modified version of the Wins Board where suggestions are not automatically populated. But this might be a good opportunity to reevaluate the benefits of Suggestion streaming, like improved organizational transparency, higher employee usage of Limeade Listening, and more.


To turn on the Suggestion streaming for the full Wins Board, go to the Platform page in the Settings tab and select the first option in the list. This will turn on the Suggestions / Wins feed in the employee portal as well as the Wins Board for both Admins and Employees.



Use the Wins Board to track progress


As an Admin, you can either use the Wins Board to drag and drop Suggestions cards from one status to another or create your own work items. 


Add a backlog item


The first column of the Wins Board is your backlog. All Suggestions will land here by default for your consideration and prioritization if you have Suggestion streaming enabled. In addition to Suggestions, you can add your own items to this to-do list as well. Just click the Add New button at the top of the Under Consideration column, and enter the title and description of the work item. 


Take action


When you are ready to work on a piece of feedback, let employees know by placing it In Progress. You can do this in a few ways:


  1. Move a card from the Under Consideration column to In Progress. 

  2. Create a new item directly in the In Progress space.

  3. Set the status of an Engage survey Response or Suggestion to In Progress when reviewing survey Responses.



Moving an item into In Progress allows you additional options to add collaborators, tasks, and notify employees. 


Add collaborators: Collaborators are great because they can be any Limeade Listening user in any role; they do not need to have admin permissions. These are the folks you want to be responsible for addressing this feedback and completing the initiative, allowing everyone in the organization to participate in finding solutions to improve your company's culture and workplace. 



Create tasks: Tasks outline your game plan for reaching a solution. Both admins and collaborators can add tasks to outline the steps that will be taken, and everyone can monitor task progression from the Wins Board and in the Engage Employee Portal. For even better accountability, assign tasks to collaborators by entering @name directly in the task description. The assignee then receives both an email and an in-app notification letting them know they have a new item to address. 



Send a notification: Employees can visit the Wins Board or their Employee Portal anytime to see new initiatives in progress, but the best way to keep everyone in the loop is to send a notification. When creating the work item, you can choose one, many, or all  to notify, and those employees then receive both an email and an in-app notification to alert them of the new in-progress item. 



Celebrate Wins


The fun part comes once an in-progress item is complete, and you can move it to a Win. These items stay on the Wins Board in the Wins section for 30 days. Employees can view the full Wall of Wins at any time by going to the Wall of Wins page in the Wins tab. 



All Wins are posted in the Engage Employee Portal for employees to celebrate. They can "like" them and add their comments to thank Admins and collaborators for enacting positive change. 



Archive an item


Sometimes you might get duplicate Suggestions, work items, or certain ones that may not be feasible to resolve. Just click the archive button on a card from the Under Consideration or In Progress columns to remove it from the Wins Board. If you archived a Suggestion card, it will stay on the Suggestions feed for further voting and commenting, but it will not appear anywhere on the Wins Board any longer. 



Remember that it is critical to close the feedback loop, even on Suggestions that will not be implemented, so take a quick second to write a comment on the Suggestion or send a private message so the submitter knows why it is not being addressed.  

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