Saved Groups

Saved Groups are an easy way to create a group of employees that you frequently send surveys or slice data by. Instead of building a custom audience every time you send a survey or slice data, consider creating a Saved Group instead! Saved Groups can also be used by all other Admins within your organization. This will make your Limeade Listening experience much more seamless.

Saved Groups can also be used for the Group Admin and Group Viewer Engage permission roles. If you want an admin to only have access to a specific group of user data, you should create a Saved Group and assign it to your Group Admin. 

Now, let’s explain how you can start creating Saved Groups in Limeade Listening.


The first step in creating a Saved Group is to navigate to the Saved Groups page. If you are a Super Admin or Admin you will have access to this page. Click on Settings on the side navigation bar. You can then create your first Saved Group by clicking the “Add New” button.

Next, you will be prompted to give your Saved Group a name. Write something descriptive that makes it easy to identify which users are included in this group. This will make it more clear for other admins to quickly recognize who is in this group. Once you are done click Save

You will then be taken to the Saved Group detail page. On this page, you can build the audience that is included in this group. 

Saved Groups can be made up of any employee attribute in your Limeade Listening organization, or individuals. You can also add AND conditions to group attributes together and narrow down the audience. 

For example, if you wanted to create a group of all the Engineers in New York, you would make a group Department -> Engineers + [Add condition] Location -> New York. 

The user list box on the right of the page will serve as a preview of what users are included in this group. Be sure to check this carefully to ensure that you are building the Saved Group that you expect. 

You are also allowed to add more than one group of attributes in a Saved Group. To do this, click “Add Another Group”. This page is completely flexible to build the exact audience you desire! 

Once you are done building your Saved Group click the Save button in the upper right corner. Come back to this page anytime to edit or delete your Saved Group. If you would like to assign this group to a Group Admin, click the “Manage Admins” button from the Saved Groups page.

From this pop up you can assign a user as a Group Admin of your Saved Group. 

(!) By adding a user here, you will upgrade their Engage permission from Employee to Group Admin. A Group Admin will only see data from users in their assigned Saved Groups. A user can be a Group Admin of multiple groups. 

You are now ready to start using your Saved Groups! These groups can be used in the response visualization page of any survey and also the survey creation flow when sending surveys.

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