Rebranding FAQ - Limeade Listening to TINYpulse by WebMD Health Services

We're excited to rebrand our engagement solution back to the iconic TINYpulse brand. In this FAQ, you'll learn everything you and your organization needs to know about the shift from "Limeade Listening" to TINYpulse by WebMD Health Services.

In this article you'll learn:

NOTE: The TINYpulse product is not changing (only rebranding); your login and account details will remain the same.

Who is WebMD Health Services? 

WebMD Health Services, part of the WebMD family, has been designing well-being programs for employers and health plans for over 20 years.WebMD Health Services partners with organizations to provide a thoughtful approach to well-being. Our solutions and services empower organizations to create a well-rounded program that is an extension of their culture, offering people a personalized experience that achieves real results: better health, better happiness and better well-being overall.  

When and why did WebMD Health Services, Limeade, and TINYpulse merge? 

In 2021, TINYpulse joined forces with Limeade to collaborate in building world-class employee well-being and engagement solutions for organizations around the globe. As a new solution in the Limeade product suite, the TINYpulse name was updated to Limeade Listening to adopt a unified brand across Limeade products.  

In 2023, WebMD Health Services and Limeade, both leaders in employee well-being solutions, came together to drive even more personalized experiences, meaningful engagement and real outcomes for global employers. Together, we believe that successful employee experiences are built on a foundation of well-being; and a foundation of well-being is created by ensuring your employees feel valued and heard.  

Through our products, TINYpulse by WebMD Health Services and WebMD ONE, we will re-energize the market delivering the most comprehensive, holistic well-being and engagement solutions. The end results? Organizations with a true culture of well-being that inspires a happier, healthier and more engaged workplace.  

Why are you changing the name back to TINYpulse? 

Our recent merger with WebMD Health Services has provided an opportunity to reflect on the true value and future direction of our engagement solutions. With over 12 years of industry experience, TINYpulse has become synonymous with delivering tools and insights that help organizations foster clarity and optimize engagement in the workplace. Reverting to our beloved TINYpulse brand, now aligned with WebMD Health Services, will enable us to further enhance the client experience while continuing to develop more insightful and effective employee engagement solutions. We are embracing our roots as we innovate for the future! 

When can I expect to see changes in the platform? 

Platform rebranding will begin July 2, 2024, on the Admin, Manager and Employee Views. At this time, the Limeade Listening brand will be retired from the product, and you will officially see the TINYpulse brand throughout the platform. 

Is there a timeline for all the expected changes? 

Here is our current schedule for rebranding phases. We will keep you updated if there are any changes: 

Customer Support site rebrand: July 2024 

Platform rebrand - Admin/Manager/Employee View: July 2, 2024 

Mobile app & integrations: July 2024 

When will I see brand changes in the mobile app? 

The mobile app will be updated in Phase 3 of the rebrand and will take place at the end of July 2024. Until then, you will still be able to search “Limeade Listening” in the App store to locate and download the app. We will notify you when the app name changes to TINYpulse.

Is TINYpulse still focused on employee engagement, recognition, and 1-on-1 coaching? 

Yes, we are still the same product with the same mission, goals, audience, and service, just returning to our original name.  

Will the platform functionality and navigation be changing? 

Rebranding back to TINYpulse will not impact the platform navigation, and all functionalities will remain the same.

Where will I go to login to the platform? 

We currently do not have plans to change the TINYpulse login location. You will be able to access the TINYpulse platform using the same login URL:  
*We recommend bookmarking the login page; as changes are made to the website, the login URL will remain the same. This will help to quickly and easily login to your portal. 

How do I communicate these changes to my employees? 

An announcement will be made within the platform in June 2024 on the Employee View level informing all users of the rebrand. We also encourage you and your team to send a memo to employees notifying them of upcoming changes. Please see our  employee communications template here: TINYpulse Rebrand: Employee Communications

Do I have to update our firewall settings after the change? How long do I have to make this update? 

Since the TINYpulse email and notification domain was never updated during the Limeade Listening rebrand, no action will need to be taken to update firewalls. You will continue to receive emails/notifications from  

Where do I go if I have additional questions or need support? 

If you have any additional questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact your Customer Success rep or contact our 24/5 support via the Support portal here

What does the rebranding look like? 

We’re so glad you asked! The platform is getting a makeover with new colors and fonts that align with the WebMD Health Services brand. Check out our new logo below: 

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