Create, Schedule, and Organize Engage Surveys

TINYpulse Engage makes it easy for you to ask the right questions at the right time. With question sets provided by TINYpulse, as well as the option to either create custom surveys or select from TINYpulse's extensive question bank, your team has the flexibility to tailor surveys to its specific needs. TINYpulse Engage also allows you to plan weeks in advance to effortlessly gather feedback and watch your company insights unfold. 



TINYpulse Engage empowers you to send surveys to anyone, at any time. Whether you prefer to use the default question flow, craft your own custom inquiries, or select from our question bank, the choice is yours. In this article, you’ll be introduced to an overview of each question type to assist you in determining the most effective format for gathering the feedback you require.

Scale 1-5: Respond by selecting a score from 1 to 5, with an additional field for an option open text response to let employees provide reasoning for their score. Customizable low and high-score labels. 

Examples: 1 - Terrible / 5 - Excellent || 1 - No way! / 5 - Absolutely! 
Sample question: How happy are you at work? (1 - Extremely unhappy / 5 - Extremely happy) 

Boolean: Respond by selecting one of two options, with an additional field for an optional open-text response to let employees provide the reasoning behind their selection. Customizable options. 

Examples: Yes / No, Agree / Disagree. 
Sample question: Were you recognized the last time you went the extra mile at work? (Yes / No) 

Open Text: Respond by entering text only. These questions typically garner the lowest response rate but often deliver some of the more valuable insights.  

Sample question: What is one thing we should try within the next three months to better serve our customers? 

Multiple Choice: Respond by selecting one option of up to ten. Multiple choice questions are only accessible as custom questions; there are no multiple-choice questions in the bank.  

Sample question: What do you believe is our organization's greatest strength? Customer Service, Product, Innovativeness, Opportunities for Growth, Other. 

Schedule Surveys 

Under Manage Surveys you can view all your active and upcoming surveys. There are two “Views” you can choose from:  

1. List View: This is helpful for quickly understanding the details of your active and upcoming surveys, including draft surveys. 

( ! ) NoteSince draft surveys are not officially “published”, draft survey series will be grouped and displayed as one item/survey in the list. Once published, the survey series will show all subsequent surveys.

2. Strategic Planning View: This view offers a bird's-eye perspective of the surveys you've scheduled in the past and future, allowing for quick reference to your survey categories and questions. 

( ! ) Note: To clean up the view and avoid mixing it with drafts, only sent, active, and published future surveys will be displayed in the Strategic Planning View. 

Create a Survey 

As an admin, you can create surveys with advanced flexibility from the Manage Surveys page.  

Surveys can: 

  • Consist of up to 100 questions. 
  • Be sent on any day, at any time. 
  • Have a custom duration. 
  • Have the option to manually send reminders. 
  • Be sent to a specific Attribute, Saved Group or individuals. 

( ! ) NoteTo protect anonymity, Anonymous and Confidential surveys require at least five (5) survey recipients

Click Create Survey to start the survey creation flow.

Main creation page

Each section on the main creation page will show the summary data/information in its overview card. From here, you can quickly review the survey data/overview and approve the survey launch, or you can save it as a draft and come back later. 

We’ll explain each section from top to bottom:  

Survey Name 

The first section to fill out for the survey is the survey name. 
To save the survey as a draft, or to activate any other sections in the survey creation flow, input your survey name to start. 


Choose which type of survey you would like to send out - Anonymous, Confidential, or Visible - and select the audience for that survey type. You can send the survey to either everyone in your TINYpulse account, to specific Saved Groups, to individuals, or to a group of users who fall into certain Attributes (Custom Audience).


Set the schedule of your survey, by selecting the send date and launch time, as well as the desired close date and time. If you want the survey to be repeated, you can choose how often and how many times you'd like it to repeat in the future. 

The hour options are available in 15-minute blocks, starting from the block closest to the current time. For example, let's say that it is currently 7:56 am on May 1, 2024. If you choose to set the survey schedule on May 1, 2024, the first hour option would be 8:00 am then 8:15 am, 8:30 am, and so on. 

( ! ) Note: If you set the schedule for a draft survey too close to the current time and when you publish the survey, that schedule has been passed, then the survey cannot be sent. 

Using the same example time as above, we'll say it is currently 7:56 am on May 1, 2024. 
-- You set the draft survey’s schedule to be sent at 8:00 am on May 1, 2024. 
-- You decide to customize the email first. 
-- Then, when you hit “Publish”, it’s already 8:01 am. 

The survey will not be sent out because the system has recognized that the draft survey’s send date has been passed. You will need to set a new date. 

Survey Questions

Choose a pre-curated survey template to begin with or start from scratch. 

TINYpulse offers an array of survey templates meticulously crafted for specific purposes, including assessing manager effectiveness, fostering workplace diversity, navigating mergers & acquisitions, and beyond. You can select a template from the dropdown or click on the View Templates button to preview our pre-made templates. 

If you would like to create your own survey, select the Start from Scratch option instead, and build out a survey to your liking. 

You have the flexibility to include up to 100 questions in your survey, and can comprise of a mix of TINYpulse questions and customized ones. Select from various question types and categories, and simply click on the "Add another question" button at the bottom of the survey to include additional questions.  

When you're done adding questions, we encourage you to save your work and preview it on the main creation page.  

Customize Survey Email

Customize the email you’d like to send to your users.

If you want to change the Subject Line or the body of the notification email that will be sent to your users with the survey, you can do so on this page. This is a great place to give additional information about why you are sending out this survey and/or what you are going to use this data for. 

Add Custom Translation for Your Survey 

All survey questions from the content library are translated automatically through our localization feature, but any custom questions and content will need a custom language translation. Add your own custom translation using the language card to get started. For more information about custom translations, please have a look at this help doc.

Remove Surveys

There might be a survey you decide you don’t want to include in the schedule anymore. This option will remove the survey permanently.

To delete an upcoming survey, click on the three dots to the right of the survey information and select Remove to delete a survey from the schedule. 

Reorder Surveys

Admins can easily change the order of each survey created by dragging and dropping surveys in the lineup. Just hover over your desired survey and click on the tab that appears on the left of the survey to drag it to a new location in the queue. 

A confirmation popup will appear to confirm the new date you want to move your survey to. You can also edit your survey send date manually by selecting “Edit” in the three-dots menu, or when looking at a survey's details. 

Close an Active Survey 

An “active" survey simply means it is still collecting responses. You may find you don’t need the full length of survey duration you originally anticipated. 

Let's say that you scheduled a survey to collect responses for two weeks and find you received most responses in the first few days, you might wish to close the survey early. 

To do this, simply click the three dots to the right of the active survey you want to close early and select Close

( ! ) Note: Make sure you truly want to close the survey early; once you close it, you cannot reopen it.

Extend an Active Survey

You may find you need to leave a survey open for longer than originally scheduled. For example, you want to have a survey open longer because of a national holiday or because you do not have as many responses as you were hoping for.

If you wish to extend the survey collection period, click on the three dots to the right of the active survey and select the Extend button. This will extend the period by one week. Click multiple times to extend the survey for multiple weeks. 

Survey Delivery Schedule and Reminders

As you decide on your TINYpulse survey frequency, make sure you review and understand the overall survey schedule along with the cadence of reminder emails so you can communicate them to your team.

Scheduled Reminders

Employees can either log in to their account or wait for the survey email to be delivered to their inbox around the same time. If the receiver does not respond to the survey before a reminder email is scheduled to go out, a reminder email will be sent so they do not forget. See the timetable below for the exact timing: 

Survey Duration: 1-3 weekdays 

Reminder: None 

Survey Duration: 4-9 weekdays 

Reminder: 2 weekdays before the close date 

Survey Duration: 10-14 weekdays 

First reminder: 5 weekdays before the close date 
Second reminder: 2 weekdays before the close date 

Survey Duration: 15-19 weekdays 

First reminder: 7 weekdays before the close date 
Second reminder: 2 weekdays before the close date 

Survey Duration: 20+ weekdays 

First reminder: 10 weekdays before the close date 
Second reminder: 2 weekdays before the close date


Manual Survey Reminders

We understand you might want to send an ad-hoc reminder instead. There are two places you can send these manual reminders -- the Manage Surveys page and the Participation tab. 

Manage Surveys page 

On the Manage Surveys page, click on the three dots to the right of a survey and select Send Reminder

On the pop-up, you will see a reminder timeline, with automated reminders in orange and manual reminders in gray. From here, click Send now to send a manual reminder. 

You can also view details of past reminders simply by hovering over them. 

Participation page

Another place to send a manual reminder is in the Participation tab of a survey. Simply go to the Surveys section, click on the Engage tab, and navigate to the Responses page. 

From there, select the survey you want to send a reminder for, and click on the Participation tab. On that tab, you can use the Send Reminder button to send out a manual reminder. 

Just like on the Manage Surveys page, if you hover over a reminder, you will get more details about it.

Drag and Drop Surveys

Drag and drop makes it easy for admins to move survey schedules around, especially since they can see the entire schedule at once.

To reschedule surveys using drag and drop, navigate to the Manage Surveys page and hover on the left end of a survey card. You will see the left end expand and your cursor changes into a drag and drop symbol.

Click and hold the drag and drop indicator and drag the survey to the time range you want. A schedule pop-up will appear allowing you to select any new date for the survey.

( ! ) Note: The drag and drop feature helps you reschedule the send date only. The survey’s duration and sending hours will remain the same. If you want to edit the duration and hours, please go to Edit Survey.

Drag and drop is available for both draft and published surveys, but it is not available for survey series, either in draft mode or for published survey series. 

If you hover on a survey and there is no indicator for drag and drop, that is because the survey belongs to a series.

Filter Scheduled Surveys by Survey Status, Progress Plans, and Categories

On the Manage Surveys page, there are filters to help admins sort and find surveys quickly.

  • The Survey Status filter helps you filter between published and draft surveys.
  • The Progress Plan filter helps you filter the surveys that belong to a certain Progress Plan. You can choose one or more Progress Plans. 
  • The Categories filter helps you filter the surveys that contain certain categories. You can choose one or more categories.

Recommendations for Engagement Surveys with Key Driver Analysis (KDA)

Please refer to this help document for information about Engagement Surveys with Key Driver Analysis (KDA).

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