Understanding Localization

Your employees can experience the Limeade Listening platform in multiple languages now. With our new Localization subscription add-on, the employee experience is localized to the language you (or they) wish. Do you have an office in Germany, France or Mexico? Maybe you have a remote group in Vietnam or Japan? We've got you covered! 

These are the languages that are currently translated and immediately available: 

  • Chinese 
  • Dutch 
  • English 
  • French 
  • German   
  • Japanese 
  • Korean 
  • Lao
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Thai 
  • Vietnamese

We are also offering the translation of additional languages - please contact your Customer Success representative for a quote.

Enable Localization Settings For Your Organization

Once this feature is enabled for you by your Customer Success representative, as Super Admin/Admin, you can find the Localization setting under the Platform section of your Settings: 

By changing this setting: 

  • Existing users will keep their current Localization settings.  

  • New users will follow the organization-wide localization setting.  

Note: ALL users (both existing users and new users) will also have their own localization setting in their own Profile, so they can change to the language they want. 

If you want to mass-update the locale setting for a specific groups of users, you can choose a language as the preferred language for your users in the User Upload file using our language codes


Not everything in Limeade Listening will be translated into the set language, even if the localization settings are enabled for a user or across an entire organization.  

  • The interface for administrators (admin view) is not supported in multiple languages and will display in English. 

  • User-generated content (Admin custom content, user comments, employees' survey  responses / cheers / suggestions) will not be automatically translated by Limeade Listening.  

Most Limeade Listening customers will need some in-house translation as they customize our templates to best suit your organization's needs. 

Note: If you customize any existing survey questions or communications, you will need to supply a translated version on your own. 

While Limeade Listening aims to provide accurate translations of the standard survey questions and communications, we understand that language is a general subject that improves every day. Feel free to send us feedback and let us know how you’d like to improve the translation, being as specific as possible (screenshots would also be helpful!)

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