Survey Responses for Managers (Admin Support)

The Survey Responses page allows Engage managers to view survey results data for all their direct and indirect reports. Managers can now have insights into how their teams are performing, their engagement levels, and how they can improve.  

This feature is off by default and must first be activated from the Admin Platform Settings page. Once turned on it will immediately become accessible to all Engage managers in your organization (with five (5) or more direct/indirect reports). The report can also be easily configured, so you have complete control over what data your managers have access to. 

Before getting into the details of how to activate and configure it, let’s take a look at what this new page and report will look like for your managers. 


Survey Responses Page

The Survey Responses page is the place where managers can access all survey reports for their teams. This page lists out all survey reports the manager has access to in order of when they were sent. Each survey also displays some basic metrics such as survey name, send date, response rate, etc. 

Managers will have access to survey data for all surveys sent in your organization that contain one (1) or more users from their direct/indirect reports. This means that if a survey has been sent in your organization and one or more of the survey receivers is below that manager in the manager hierarchy, the manager will have access to the survey and results. 

! ) Note: Managers will only see survey response data for users below them in the manager hierarchy. This means managers will never have access to data for employees outside of their teams.

Manager hierarchies change often, and we want to ensure managers are always looking at the most up to date and relevant information. This is why the Survey Responses for managers page will automatically update and refresh the data based on any changes made to the manager hierarchy. This means if one of your managers takes on new members to their team, they will immediately have access to the survey results of these new direct reports. This gives them the ability to instantly get a pulse on the engagement levels of their new team members and make decisions quickly using better insights.

Once the manager has chosen the Survey Report that they would like to view the results, they can click on it and they will be taken to the Survey Responses Report.

Survey Responses Report

The Survey Responses Report is where managers can view all the survey results data for their teams. This report is heavily inspired by the Administrator Survey Response Report, so if you are familiar with that report you will be familiar with this one. Managers will be able to view their team results from the Overview, Results, Text Analytics, Participation Breakdown, and Heatmap pages. Managers also have the ability to slice by employee attributes. 

There are a few differences in the managers Survey Response Report compared to the Admin View

  • Managers will not be able to take any actions on survey responses. 

This means they cannot send private messages, leave notes/comments, or send survey reminders. The purpose of this report is only for managers to view the data for their teams so they can see how their teams are performing and  make decisions on how to improve engagement.

  • Similarly to the Survey Responses page, this data will always be kept up to date according to the current manager hierarchy. 

If the manager hierarchy changes and the manager has new members on their team (or lost members) the data in this report will be refreshed automatically. This is the same for slicing, managers will always be slicing attributes according to the current attribute assignment. 

You may note that this is different from the Admin Survey Responses Report which slices the historical attribute data at the time the survey was sent. This may lead to some instances where the data can be different between the Admin View and the Manager View if the manager hierarchy or employee attribute assignments have changed since the survey was sent. 

If this occurs and you want to refresh the Admin Survey Responses Report to use the current attribute assignment data, reach out to your customer success manager and we can update the data for you in the Admin Survey Responses Report.

Activating Survey Responses for Managers

To activate the Survey Responses page for your managers, first navigate to the Platform Settings page in the Admin View. There will be a new card here titled “Manager Settings”. Click on this card.

This new settings page contains all the settings for the Engage Manager View. This includes settings for both the Manager Dashboard and the Survey Responses Report

! ) Note: The Manager Dashboard and the Survey Responses pages are both activated from the same setting. This means that once activated, your manager will have access to both pages. If you have turned on Manager Dashboard previously in the past, the Survey Responses page will already be turned on automatically.

If this is the first time you will be activating this manager functionality, please click on the “Activate” button in the top right corner of the page. Once this button is clicked all Engage managers in your organization will now have access to Survey Responses!

To deactivate simply click on the “Deactivate” button and then confirm the prompt. Deactivating will immediately turn off access to both the Manager Dashboard and Survey Responses pages for all managers in your organization.

Customizing The Manager Survey Report

Once the Survey Responses page is activated you can now customize the data your managers will have access to in their Survey Responses Report

There are several options that can be configured:

  • Overview + Survey Results: These pages are always on and cannot be turned off. 
  • Text Results: Turning off text results will hide all text responses, additional comments submitted for the survey, and the text analytics report. Please note that if you turn text results off for the Survey Responses page it will also turn it off for the Manager Dashboard.
  • Heatmap: Turning off the Heatmap will hide the Heatmap tab from the report.
  • Participation Breakdown: Turning off the Participation Breakdown will hide the participation tab from the report.
  • Key Driver Analysis: Turning off Key Driver Analysis will hide all KDA related functionality in the report.

All customization changes to the Survey Report will take effect immediately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can managers access the Survey Responses page? 
Once activated, managers can find the Survey Responses page in their Manager View on the side navigation under “Survey Responses”.

Can some users be both an administrator and a manager? 
Yes. The manager role is independent of the administrator role. If an Engage user is an administrator and they also have direct reports, they will have access to both the Admin View and the Manager View. Which View they use at any given time is based on their intention when using TINYpulse. If they want a more holistic view of the entire organization's survey results the Admin View would best suit them, or if they want a more narrow view of their own teams survey results then the Manager View is better for that use case.  

Which surveys will the managers have access to? 
Managers will be able to view any survey that contains at least one user from their direct/indirect reports. If the survey is anonymous and contains less than 5 receivers the manager will be able to see it in their Survey Responses page but they won’t be able to view the survey results in their Survey Responses Report.  

Which Employee Attributes will Managers have access to for slicing? 
Managers have the ability to view and slice by all employee attributes in your organization with one restriction. The attribute must be assigned to users from the managers direct/indirect reports. 

For example, if the manager’s teams contain only users from the “Engineering” department attribute, the manager will only be able to see and slice by the “Engineering” attribute value, all other attribute values for the department attributes will be hidden for that manager.

What happens if the manager hierarchy changes? 
If the manager hierarchy changes, and the manager is now managing new people, the data in their Manager View will update automatically. This means managers will always have the most up to date survey results based on their current teams.

Can managers send surveys? 
Currently, no, managers cannot create and sent their own surveys. At this time, managers are only allowed to view survey results from surveys sent by admins. 

Can managers send private messages or leave comments/notes on survey responses? 
Currently, managers are only allowed to view survey results. They cannot take any actions on survey responses such as sending private messages or leaving notes/comments.

Can I exclude specific managers from having access to the Survey Responses page? 
Currently no, once the feature is turned on it’s turned on for all Engage managers within your organization. But, we will be adding this functionality soon in a future update.

Can I exclude managers from specific surveys? 
Currently, no. Managers will always get access to any survey that contains 1 or more receivers from their direct reports. But, we will be adding this functionality soon in a future update.

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