Assign Attributes to Your Users' Accounts

There are two different ways for you to assign Attributes to your users: manually in Limeade Listening or with a CSV import.


This option is useful if you only need to update a handful of users with Attributes.

1. Go to Settings and select User Management.

2. Click the checkboxes next to the users whose Attributes you would like to update.

3. Click the Bulk Assign dropdown.

5. Select the Employee Attributes you want to assign them and click Save.

6. All done! These Attributes are now assigned to the selected users.

CSV Import

If you need to update a large number of your users with a lot of different Attributes, then you will want to use the bulk CSV import tool.

1. Go to Settings and select User Management.

2. Click the Add Users dropdown.

4. Download the .csv file of your current Limeade Listening User List (you can skip this step if you already have your user list on hand).

5. Once you have your .csv file, simply fill out the blank fields for your users. 

  • If some of your users already have some attributes assigned, they will already display in the export.
  • You will want to make sure to follow the upload guidelines in the Instructions section to make sure that your import is successful.

6. The system will verify your file before uploading, and alert you to any errors before you complete the upload. If you proceed, any rows that have errors will be left out; you can correct them and do another upload later.

7. If there are any errors in your .csv file, you will be shown where they come from so that you can correct them.

8. Success! Head on over to the Attributes page to review your updates.

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