Adding Custom Translations to Your Custom Survey Questions

You asked and we delivered! You can now upload your own custom translations to survey questions for use in future surveys. Keep reading to to find out how! 

NOTE: Matrix Grid question types cannot be custom translated currently.

Once you've finalized your survey content - the name of the survey, the questions you want to include, survey messages, etc. (at Step 6), there is a language card available for you to customize. 

All survey questions from the content library are translated automatically, but any custom questions and content will need a custom language translation. Add your own custom translation using the language card to get started. 


First, download the translation file to review the available translations (if any) or to add your own.

Open the file using Numbers (Mac) or any CSV reader apps. In Excel, you can follow this Microsoft guide to open the file: 

The translation file is formatted vertically with three columns. You can compare the text in the original column and add the translation into the next column: translated_text 

NOTE: Matrix Grid question types cannot be custom translated currently.

Once you have added all of your custom translations, save or export the file as a CSV formatted file and return to the language page to upload the translated file. 

Next, add the language that you'd like a question to be translated to. You will see the action button which allows you to download, upload, and remove a translation. 

You will also see the Translated Content indicator, which tells you what percentage of your survey has been translated, either by our Advance Listening default translations or by your custom translations. 

After uploading successfully, there will be a pop-up letting you know your upload was successful; and the translated content percentage will be refreshed to reflect the new content change.  

You can then use the Preview function to see how the survey will look with the translations. 

Now you're all set and ready to publish your survey!  

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