Survey Paging & Question Grouping

Using different pages to group different sets of topical questions can help improve your respondents’ experience.

Pages can also be used to organize longer surveys. For example, the first two questions in your survey might be in a first page called “Introduction,” and the rest of your survey questions in a page called “Main Survey.”

Adding Pages:

To add another page to a survey, scroll down to the bottom of the survey and you will see the ability to add another page below the button to add another question.  Click Add another Page below your survey to start adding new pages. Your Survey will start with page one.

For every page added, you can add your own page title and page description by hovering over the top of the page, along with the questions in the page. By doing this you can create a separate topic for each page.

At the top right corner of any page, you can find the More Actions menu (ellipsis) with some actions for the page.

You may move the page to another position in the survey. You can drag and drop the page position by hovering over the ellipsis on the left side of the titles:

You are also able to remove the page from your survey. Please note that doing this will also delete all of its questions. You can move all the questions out of the page before deleting using the drag and drop function.

Once you have finished adding your page titles, page descriptions and questions, click the Next button in the upper right corner: 

Complete the sequence of survey selections including setting your survey audience, survey date and time, and then preview the survey:

For all the current survey templates in the Content Library, we still keep the default paging of 5 questions per page. However, you may edit the paging structure anytime you want, starting with “Add another page” button.

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