Send Engage Surveys to Specific Audiences

We do not have to tell you it is important to pulse your entire organization. Understanding how employees are feeling and getting a picture of the overall health of your organization's culture is invaluable. But it is also important to collect targeted feedback from certain locations and workgroups, and that is where sending Flexible Surveys to specific groups comes in.

( ! ) You must have Super Admin or Admin permissions in Engage in order to schedule pulses and manage questions. 

Get targeted feedback

In addition to the main Engage Pulse Survey question which is sent to your entire company, you can also send Flexible Surveys to specific groups and users.

1. After clicking on the Create Survey button in the Manage Surveys page, select Flexible Survey, and choose which type of survey you would like to send out: Anonymous, Confidential, or Visible (learn more about our types of surveys here).

 2. Choose a pre-curated survey template to begin with or start from scratch.

Limeade Listening is loaded with several survey templates designed for specific purposes such as gauging manager effectiveness, diversity in the workplace, mergers & acquisitions, and more. You can select a template from the dropdown or click on the View Templates button to preview our pre-made templates.

If you would like to create your own survey, select the Start from Scratch option instead and build out a survey to your liking. 

You can add as little as one or as many as 100 questions, and they can be a mixture of Limeade Listening questions and custom questions. Chose from any combination of question types and question categories. Just click on the Add another question button at the bottom of the survey to add another question to be asked.

 3. Choose who you want to send your survey to. 

You can send your survey to everyone in your Limeade Listening account, to certain Saved Groups in your account, to particular individuals, or to a group of users who are in certain Attributes. 

  • All Company: Send your survey to all of the users in your organization's Limeade Listening account who can receive Engage Flexible Surveys.
  • Saved Groups: Send your survey to all of the users in one particular Saved Group - or to all of them - in your organization's Limeade Listening account who can receive Engage Flexible Surveys.

  • Individuals: Send your survey to specific individuals. Please note that for Anonymous surveys, you do need to have at least five (5) users to send your survey to.

  • Custom Audience: Send your survey to any Group of particular Attributes or individual users.
       ! ) You can also choose to allow Group Admins to view the results of this survey.


4. Set the details of your survey. 

Select send date and time and close date and time and, if you want your survey to repeat, you can choose how often and how many times for it to repeat.

5. Customize the email that is going to be sent to your users.

If you want to change the Subject line or the body of the email that is going to be sent to your users with the survey, you can do so on this page. This is a great place to give additional information about why you are sending out this survey or what you are going to use this data for.

 6. Confirm that the survey details look correct.

On the final page of the survey creation process, you will get a chance to review the details of your survey as well as can take a look at what the survey will look like in Limeade Listening with the Preview Survey button.

When you are happy with your survey, you will want to go ahead and click on the Save button so that it can be added to your Manage Surveys page.

View results


Viewing survey results in Engage is easy and there are two ways you can do it. From the Engage page in the Dashboards tab click the arrow next to the current survey to view all of the available surveys. This dropdown contains all surveys sent out in your organization, including company-wide and group-specific surveys. From there you can click your group-specific survey and view the results question by question. 

If you would like to view all of the Responses at once click on the Responses page in the Engage Section in the Surveys tab in the side navigation bar. On this page, you can view all active and past surveys. Choose the survey you would like to see the Responses for and you will be taken to the detail page. On this page, you can view all Responses, key insights, and make your own takeaways from the survey.

The Employee experience

Users will receive an email for each survey that is sent to them and can navigate directly from the email notification of the survey to the survey response page. Here they can view and answer all of their active surveys.

We like to keep it small and uncomplicated, so if there are multiple open surveys, users can respond to one now and go back give their feedback on another survey later so that they can respond to surveys on their own time.



  • Can I schedule a group-specific Flexible Survey to be sent in the distant future?

Yes, you can choose the exact time and date that a Flexible Survey is sent out and closes. This is done on the first page of the survey creation process under the date and time fields.

  • Who can send group-specific Flexible Surveys?

Engage Super Admins, Admins, and Group Admins can schedule group-specific Flexible Surveys. Group Admins can only create and schedule surveys for the groups they have been assigned to; they cannot create or send surveys to groups to other groups or to the entire company. Check out this help doc for more information about the Group Admin role and functionality.

  • Can I still send a group-specific Flexible Survey if we have paused Pulse Surveys?

Yes, Flexible Surveys are independent of Pulse Surveys. If Pulse Surveys are paused in your organization you can still send out Flexible Surveys at any time.

  • Do group-specific Flexible Surveys contribute to Compare -> Categories calculations?

No, group-specific Flexible Surveys are designed to collect localized feedback from specific groups so results may not be an accurate representation for your entire organization. Therefore, group-specific Flexible Surveys are not included in the Categories page in the Engage section of the Reports tab.

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