Deactivate, Reactivate, or Delete Users

Despite Limeade Listening's best efforts to keep employees engaged in their work and happy at your company, there will be times when an employee needs or chooses to move on. Be sure to deactivate their Limeade Listening accounts to prevent them from submitting any more feedback and to reclaim a seat in your subscription. 


(i) You must be listed as an administrator for any one of the Limeade Listening applications and/or be the direct manager of the employee in order to deactivate a user and enter exit data. Please speak to your Limeade Listening administrator if you believe you should have access to deactivate Limeade Listening users. 


Deactivate a user and enter exit information


If you are using Limeade Listening  Retention to get attrition and retention insights, you are going to want to enter exit details right when you deactivate the employee in Limeade Listening. This is the quickest and easiest way to ensure you do not forget to do this later.


  1. Log in to Limeade Listening and go to the User Management page in Settings.

  2. Find the employee in the user list who has left the company and needs to be deactivated.

  3. Click on the three dots to the right of their row and select Deactivate & Exit.

  4. Enter information about their departure in the resulting popup. Exit date is required, the rest of the fields are optional but encouraged. Here is a brief explanation about the additional fields:

    • Personal Email: Store the employee's personal email here if you believe you will need to contact them in the future.

    • Voluntary Exit: Did the employee leave through their own decision or was the decision made for them (termination, end of contract, etc.)?

    • Regrettable Exit: Will this departure negatively impact your company in terms of productivity, morale, knowledge loss, etc? If the employee does not cause negative impact, then it is not a regrettable departure.

    • High Performer: Decide whether or not this employee was a standout at their job or in their field. This is important to see the caliber of employees leaving. The last thing you want is to lose your top people!

    • Reason(s) for Leaving: These reasons have been based on those of popular HRIS systems. Select one or many reasons.



  5. Click Submit to complete. 


Deactivate a user without exit details


If you are not using Limeade Listening Retention to track attrition or you are not the right person to enter exit details, you may follow the same process outlined above and click Skip on the exit details form. The employee's Limeade Listening ID will be deactivated to prevent further access, and you or any other admin can visit Exit any time to enter exit info if you change your mind. 


Reactivating a deactivated user

Did you deactivate a user that you need to reactivate? 

  1. Go to the User Management page in the Settings tab and search for the user’s email address or name.
  2. Select the three dots to the far right of their row and click on the Re-activate option.

Please note that this will not send them another invitation email, so if they do not remember their password, they will need to be sent a password reset email.

Delete a user from Limeade Listening


All deactivated users in your Limeade Listening account contribute to your company's attrition rate. However, there may be times where you do not want certain accounts to count as an "exit," for example:


  • Test accounts

  • Invalid email addresses

  • Employees who were hired but never started at the company


If you find yourself with any of these issues, you can remove a user from your Limeade Listening account entirely without negatively impacting your attrition rate.


  1. Go to the User Management page in the Settings tab and find the desired employee in the list.

  2. Select the three dots to the far right of their row and click Profile.

  3. Click Permanently Delete under the employee's profile photo and confirm the warning message (or cancel if you have changed your mind!).


Deleting a user will delete the account entirely, but any survey Responses, Suggestions, and Cheers will remain in Limeade Listening so results are not affected by this action. 


Restore a deleted user

Did you delete a user that you need to have restored? Please reach out to our Support team by clicking here with the user’s email address and name and we will help you reactivate that user’s account.

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