Survey Responses for Managers (Manager Support)

Ready to explore your team's engagement on a deeper level? With the Survey Responses page, Engage managers gain access to all surveys sent to their teams. Dive into the Survey Responses Report to uncover valuable insights into team performance, engagement levels, and areas for improvement. This article offers an in-depth guide to both pages, ensuring you maximize the benefits of the Survey Responses for managers feature.

( ! ) Note: These pages are only available to Engage managers with five (5) or more employees (direct/indirect reports) on their team. The feature must also be turned on for managers by your company's TINYpulse admins. 


Survey Responses Page

The Survey Responses page allows managers to access all the survey reports for their teams. This page can be found by navigating to the Manager View and clicking on “Survey Responses” in the left-side navigation. 

Here, managers can easily view all available survey reports, organized chronologically by send date. Each survey report includes basic metrics such as survey name, send date, and response rate, providing quick insights at a glance. 

Managers will have access to the survey data for all surveys sent in your organization containing one (1) or more users from their teams. This means if a survey has been sent in your organization and one or more of the survey receivers is below that manager in the manager hierarchy, the manager will have access to the survey and results. 

( !Note: Managers will only see survey response data for users below them in the manager hierarchy. This means managers will never have access to data for employees outside of their teams. 

Manager hierarchies change often, and staying up-to-date with relevant information is crucial. That's why the Survey Responses for managers page automatically updates and refreshes data in response to any changes in the manager hierarchy. This ensures that when a manager takes on new team members, they immediately gain access to the survey results of these additions. With this capability, managers can promptly assess the engagement levels of their new direct report and make well-informed decisions with greater insights at their fingertips. 

Once a manager has chosen the Survey Report they’d like to view the results of, they can click on it and be taken to the Survey Responses Report

Survey Responses Report

The Survey Responses Report allows managers to view all the survey results data for their teams. Managers will be able to view their team results from the Overview, Results, Text Analytics, Participation Breakdown, and Heatmap pages. Managers also have the ability to slice (filter) by employee attributes. 

Similarly to the Survey Responses page, this data will always be kept up-to-date according to the current manager hierarchy. If the manager hierarchy changes and the manager has new members on their team (or lost members) the data in this report will be automatically refreshed. This is the same for slicing, managers will always be slicing attributes according to the current attribute assignment.  

( ! ) Note: This report is configurable by admins. If you are missing any of these pages in your report, it may mean your company admin has turned off access.


The Overview page is the first page a manager will be directed to after clicking on a survey. This page provides a high level overview of the survey details. This includes the audience the survey was sent to, the date and times the survey was sent and closed, the survey type (anonymous, confidential, or visible), the number of questions and categories present in the survey, and the repeat cadence. This page also provides some basic metrics such as the response rate, participation level, and number of text responses. 

( ! ) Note: All data displayed on this page is filtered to exclusively show survey data pertaining to your teams. While surveys may be sent to employees outside of your teams, you will only have visibility into the data relevant to your teams. This filtering applies consistently across all pages of the manager Survey Responses Report.


The Results page provides a detailed breakdown of all survey results, organized by question. 

Each question in the survey contains the response data, the question category, the number of text responses added to the question, a visual breakdown of the responses (applicable for Scale question types only), the average score of all the responses, and comparison metrics where you can compare your team score vs. the industry average and overall average.

If you click on a specific question you will be directed to the question detail page where you can find a detailed breakdown of the responses.

From the question detail page you will be provided a response breakdown chart, key indicators such as your team score and the comparison metrics, as well as all text responses submitted for this question. 

Remember, you can click on the attributes filter at the top of the page at any time to slice by a different employee attribute. Once a filter is applied, all the data on the page will be updated to reflect this filter. The applied filter will stay active as you navigate throughout the Survey Responses Report until it is removed.

Text Analytics

The Text Analytics page is your hub for accessing all text responses submitted for the survey, along with TINYpulse's automated Themes and Sentiment Analysis Chart

The text responses are arranged chronologically based on the time they were submitted, with the most recent submissions appearing at the top of the list. Each text response has a sentiment applied to it (positive, negative, or neutral), these sentiments are applied automatically by our sentiment analysis engine. Each response also has up to three (3) themes applied to it. The chart is then created based on the themes and sentiments that are most present in your team's responses. 

This analysis enables you to efficiently assess a large volume of text responses, providing insights into your team's overall sentiment and identifying prevalent themes within the responses. 

( ! )Note: While this analysis is powered by our machine learning engines, it may not always be 100% accurate and can occasionally deviate slightly from the actual sentiment or themes expressed in the responses.


The Participation page offers a comprehensive breakdown of the response rate for your entire team, including all teams within your managerial hierarchy. This encompasses both your direct team and all teams reporting to you, providing a holistic view of participation across the board.

For each team, you will observe the survey response rate, calculated as the number of employees who submitted the survey divided by the number of employees who received the survey. These rates are listed in descending order, from highest to lowest response rate. 

( ! ) Note: In the case of anonymous surveys, if a team consists of five (5) or fewer survey recipients, we are unable to display the response rate to maintain anonymity.


Lastly, the Heatmap page offers a visual breakdown of all survey results in the form of a heatmap. The results are categorized by the organization score, your team's overall score, and the scores of all teams within your managerial hierarchy. Each score is compared to the organization score, allowing you to assess how you and your teams compare to the overall organization. By default, the Heatmap displays the comparison by percent delta, but you can switch to comparing by score by clicking on "Score" at the top right of the Heatmap.

All questions are aggregated into their respective category scores. If you wish to view scores for individual questions, simply click on the category to access a detailed breakdown of all questions within that category.

( ! )Note: In the case of anonymous surveys, if a team consists of five (5) or fewer survey recipients, we are unable to display the survey results to maintain anonymity.

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