How to Respond to an Engage Survey

Welcome to TINYpulse! We are so glad to have you. The most fundamental component of TINYpulse for employees is responding to your TINYpulse survey. Giving regular feedback is a critical component to a happy and transparent workplace and you should be thrilled your leaders have provided TINYpulse for you as an outlet to give them feedback.


Depending on your company, you will receive an email in your inbox weekly, once every two weeks, or once every four weeks with a new TINYpulse survey. Surveys are always delivered on Wednesdays so keep an eye out for it! 


Your anonymity is our priority. Your administrators have no access to information about who submitted which response, even if they ask us. You can be completely assured that your identity is completely hidden and is never revealed to anyone by us here at TINYpulse. You can find out more by reading our commitment to anonymity or contacting our Support team.

  1. In the TINYpulse application
  2. With the TINYpulse survey email
  3. With the TINYpulse mobile app
  4. With the TINYpulse Slack integration
  5. With the TINYpulse Microsoft Teams integration
  6. With the TINYpulse for Gmail add-on
  7. With Outlook actionable messaging
  8. Collect the achievement badge


  1. Respond to surveys in TINYpulse 

    After you set your TINYpulse password, you can log into whenever you would like. From here you can see all of the surveys you have not responded to yet by going to the Surveys page in your Employee View. If you have any open surveys, a number bubble will display on the Surveys page with how many open surveys you have.

  2. Respond to surveys with the survey email 


From your email inbox, click the link in your weekly survey email if you are a new user. This will bring you to the survey page on your web browser where you can respond to your survey, send Cheers, and give suggestions. Note that the email will not come from an internal email address; it will come from TINYpulse directly from our email. 

  1. Respond to surveys with the TINYpulse mobile app


    Let the TINYpulse mobile app help you give feedback to your leaders to help build a better culture on the go. Got a few minutes in between meetings? Take out your phone and respond to your survey. 

    The TINYpulse mobile app brings Engage employee functions to the palm of your hand. You can also do things like giving an anonymous suggestion, viewing the Engage suggestions feed, voting for your favorite suggestions, or collaborating with other employees through your comments. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play store to install the TINYpulse app on your mobile devices. We support iOS version 8.0 or later and Android 4.1 and above.

The app is compatible with both Pulse, Flexible, and Onboard surveys. Please be sure that you get our latest version on App Store or Play Store.

  1. Respond to surveys with Slack


    It is easier than ever to respond to surveys and send Cheers and suggestions in Slack. The TINYpulse-bot for Slack notifies you when you have a new survey ready and lets you respond directly in the app. You can also send Cheers and give anonymous suggestions at whatever moment is convenient without ever having to dig up a TINYpulse email or open a new tab in your browser.


    If your administrator has already connected the TINYpulse-bot for Slack, your TINYpulse surveys will be delivered by email, along with a Slack notification from the TINYpulse-bot. Wait for a ping from the TINYpulse-bot with your next survey or type in "survey" to see if you have any open surveys that you need to respond to. 

  1. Respond to surveys with Microsoft Teams


    If your organization uses Microsoft Teams, we already know it is one of your main go-to applications at the office. And this is exactly why we are meeting you where you work with the TINYpulse application for Microsoft Teams! This app lets you give anonymous feedback to your leaders via your survey without having to open a browser and log in to TINYpulse.


    Once you or your administrator has installed the TINYpulse application for Microsoft Teams, you will be automatically notified once a new survey has opened up. 


    View your survey by clicking the ... icon and selecting TINYpulse or by going to your Chat list and finding the TINYpulse Chat bot. You can also see if you have any open surveys that you have not responded to by typing in "my surveys".

Do you need a refresher of the commands you can enter in the TINYpulse bot? Type in "help". 

  1. Respond via TINYpulse Gmail add-on


    To use the TINYpulse add-on, just open the Pulse Survey email from TINYpulse and you can respond to the pulse question, both quantitative and qualitative, without having to leave your Gmail inbox.

  1. Respond via Outlook Actionable Messaging


    Outlook Actionable Messages let you take quick action on tasks right within your email inbox. And what better way to save time responding to your regular TINYpulse survey than being able to submit it right from your inbox?


    The best part of Outlook Actionable Messages is you do not have to do anything! If you are using a qualifying version of Outlook, you will get the special Actionable Messages version of your TINYpulse survey automatically. Just open your survey email, and respond directly within Outlook without ever having to redirect and sign in to TINYpulse.



    Below are versions of Outlook that support or don't support Outlook Actionable Messages, as well as Adaptive Card:

ClientActionable messages supported?Adaptive card supported?
Outlook on the web for Microsoft 365YesYes
Microsoft 365 ProPlus Monthly ChannelYes, version 2003, Build 12624.20588 or version 2002, Build 12527.20194Yes, version 2003, Build 12624.20588 or version 2002, Build 12527.20194
Microsoft 365 ProPlus Semi-Annual Channel (Targeted)Yes, version 2002, Build 12527.20194Yes, version 2002, Build 12527.20194
Microsoft 365 ProPlus Semi-Annual ChannelYes, version 2002, Build 12527.20880Yes, version 2002, Build 12527.20880
Outlook on MacYes, version 16.0.12817.10000Yes (Legacy MessageCard format is not supported)
Outlook on iOSYes, version 4.34.0Yes (Legacy MessageCard format is not supported)
Outlook on AndroidYes, version 4.1.71Yes (Legacy MessageCard format is not supported)
Office Professional Plus 2016 (Click-to-Run only)Actionable Messages are available for Office 365 onlyNo
Exchange 2016 On-Premises Outlook on the webActionable Messages are available for Office 365 onlyNo


Collect the achievement badge


Your feedback via survey is critical to building and maintaining a productive and transparent workplace culture, and survey achievement badges are our way of saying "thank you" and "congratulations" for your responses survey after survey.


Collecting badges is simple. TINYpulse users get a new badge in their profile after responding to 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 surveys. And similar to survey streaks, badges and survey achievements are only visible to you as an employee. These milestones are not shared with your administrators in any way to preserve your own anonymity. 



So there you have it! An easy and fun way to challenge yourself to return to TINYpulse week after week to keep responding to your surveys. How quickly can you get to the next level? 

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