How to Submit Anonymous Suggestions

Suggestions are a great way to give your anonymous feedback to administrators about anything and everything. You receive regular pulse surveys requesting your thoughts on anything from your organization's recognition programs to mentorship, but what if you have a concern and solution to improve safety in your workplace? Or what about a tool you would like to suggest to improve efficiency for your team? 

Submitting an anonymous suggestion is the perfect way to voice these thoughts without having to put yourself out there. 

You can submit anonymous suggestions whenever the thought pops into your mind. 

Give a suggestion

  1. In the TINYpulse web app

  2. With the TINYpulse mobile app 

  3. Via the Google Chrome plugin

  4. Via Slack (*if your admin has enabled TINYpulse for Slack)

  5. Share your Suggestion with only Admins

  1. In the TINYpulse web app

You can go to Engage to send a suggestion on your dashboard. 

  1. With the TINYpulse mobile app

Download the TINYpulse mobile app for iOS or Android and send Cheers on the go. 

  1. Via the Google Chrome plugin

After you have installed the TINYpulse Chrome plug-in, click on the TINYpuylse lotus button to send anonymous suggestions right from your browser. 

  1. Via Slack 


    After your administrator configured Slack for TINYpulse and set up a Wins Feed to live stream anonymous suggestions, initiatives, and Wins to Slack, open up your Wins Feed  Slack channel and type: /suggestion [your text] and that is it!


  2. Submit a Suggestion for Admins only

    Do you have a suggestion that you do not want to share with everyone at your organization? Only want your administrators to be able to view your feedback? If you are submitting your suggestion in the web app, the mobile app, or the Google Chrome plugin, it is easy to limit who is able to see your suggestion in both the suggestions feed and in the Shareback Report. All you need to do is select the Share with admins only checkbox before you submit your suggestion.

    Web App:


    Mobile App:


    Google Chrome Plugin:


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