Why Passwords Are Required for Limeade Listening

About your Limeade Listening account

Limeade Listening Engage has an array of employee-focused features, but you must have an account to take advantage of them. With your Limeade Listening account, you can do things like:

  • Log in to Limeade Listening Engage via https://app.tinypulse.com.
  • Respond to your Limeade Listening survey, give anonymous suggestions, send Cheers, and respond to 1-on-1 Pulses.
  • View your full history of suggestions, Cheers, and private messages.
  • Vote for your favorite suggestions if your administrator has enabled the Employee Portal settings

Learn more about easy setup options by signing up for Limeade Listening with your existing Google or Microsoft email address. 


TINYpulse is 100% committed to anonymity. Password protecting your account makes it even more secure. 

Password protecting Limeade Listening ensures you, and only you, can access your survey and other Limeade Listening functions. 


Do I have to set my password?: Yes, unless your organization has an SSO integrated with Limeade Listening, setting your password is required. Having a Limeade Listening account also allows you to access to the features purchased by your organization.

Where do I log in to my account?: You can access your account from the new Pulse notification email that comes to your inbox. More conveniently, you can go to https://app.tinypulse.com/signin and enter your email address and password to access your account. 

Will my session expire after a certain time period?: To protect your information security and privacy, the system will automatically log you out after 14 days since you logged in if you do not have any activity. You will be prompted to sign in again and start a new session.  If you log into Limeade Listening with a unique password and not with the Google or Microsoft integration, or use your company's portal, follow the steps here to change your password in the app. 

What happens if I lose my password?: If you lose your Limeade Listening password, there is a link on the sign-in page. Just click on the "Forgot Password?" button below the log in fields after entering in your email address and you will get an email helping you reset it.    


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