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Does your organization use Workday to organize your employees? Did you know that you can integrate Workday with TINYpulse to simplify your user management? No longer will you have to manually add users one by one, or send an import file to the TINYpulse Customer Success team. Once we have set up the integration for you, your users will automatically sync into TINYpulse.

What we need

 To get started we will need the following pieces of information:  

  1. Please create a custom report in Workday that includes all fields you wish to share with TINYpulse.  
    1. Search for ‘create custom report’ in Workday 
    2. Select “Change to Advanced Report Type” (this should prompt you to add credentials in order to view this report) 
    3. Set new credentials for TINYpulse to use.  
    4. Add all fields you wish to share with TINYpulse
    5. Feel free to apply filters to filter out data you do not want to send 
    6. Save the report
  2. On the report details page, go to Actions -> Web Service -> View URLs.
    1. Right-click XML - WSDL and choose “Copy URL" 
    2. Send this URL to us along with the set credentials 
  3. We will need to confirm with you the field you want to have mapped to the existing System Attributes, and the fields you want to be mapped as Custom Attributes (if any). This does not have to be done right away and can be added after the integration has gone live, however, we recommend having this set up ahead of time. 
  4. Lastly, we need to know if you would like new users added via the integration to be put into Onboard or Engage.

Some important details 

  • Once we have the information listed above, you can expect the connection to be activated within 5-7 business days.
  • When the connection is established, we will sync the users between Workday and TINYpulse weekly on Tuesdays.
  • All users in Workday will be added to TINYpulse. 

( ! ) If a user is already in TINYpulse but does not come through in the weekly sync from Workday, that user will be automatically deactivated by omission. Workday is at all times the ultimate source of truth for your user base.

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