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Collecting employee feedback via pulse surveys is the first step towards better employee engagement. The second step is understanding trends to help you take action. 


Limeade Listening is full of insightful charts and graphs to help you identify patterns and create action plans, and the Hierarchy is one of the most useful tools to understand trends by department and manager.


This tool gives you a default hierarchical view of recognition insights and pulse responses using employee-manager relationships. With the Hierarchy view, you have the freedom to organize employees into segments in a different way, perhaps by location or job function, for a secondary view of results. 



View insights by department


The Hierarchy automatically populates if you have established manager-employee relationships in Limeade Listening. If you have not set these up, skip to the next section in the article to learn how to set them up. 



Visit the Hierarchy by logging in to Limeade Listening and going to the Hierarchy page in the Engage section of the Reports tab. Admins have full access to this view, which starts at the top with your CEO or President, and can be drilled into by clicking on any card.


Manager cards have information like the current Limeade Listening score, the number of suggestions given by the team, and Cheers sent and received by the team in the past 30 days. You can also view the average Onboard score by team to see which groups are getting off to a great start and which ones need to improve the new-hire experience. Click on any manager card to drill down and view statistics by team. 



Alternatively, switch to the Responses tab to view quantitative and qualitative Engage pulse feedback by department and manager. Response data is only shown if the manager has five direct reports or more to protect the anonymity of the responder.



The results of the current Limeade Listening question are available here and if a team's score seems particularly low, open a dialog with the respondent via private message to better understand how they are feeling and why. 


Establish manager-employee relationships


In order for the Hierarchy to be useful, employees need to have a manager associated with their Limeade Listening account. This does not give the managers themselves any additional info or compromise anonymity in any way, so there are no negative implications for adding this info. 


1. Log in to Limeade Listening and go to the User Management page in the Settings tab  

2. Find the user you need to add or edit a manager for in the user list. Either use the search box to search by name or scroll through the list to find them. 

3. Click on the three dots to the far right of the user's row in the list and select Profile


4. Click on the edit pencil icon button in the Work Information section. Once you have done that, you will be able to update the manager for this user in the Manager section.

 If you need to update several users' managers all at once, you can either use the Bulk Update tool in the People page or you can also s
end us a .csv with the users' email addresses, first names, last names, and managers' email addresses in separate columns. Once completed, send it to our Support team here. The data will be uploaded to Limeade Listening in just a few business days.

Or, you can integrate Limeade Listening with Azure Directory or your existing HRIS system to update and delete users automatically as your workforce changes.  

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