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Limeade Listening's machine learning tool, called Visualize, detects themes in your survey responses and suggestions instantly and easily, and displays results using powerful graphing technology. Using this tool, you can quickly identify areas that require focus, feedback, and attention from your company and team through automatic categorization. And, once you have a clear idea of your direction, respond to your employee base at the touch of a button.


Save time and make better decisions. It is as easy as that!


Let Visualize make your job easier


Tired of tagging responses? Themes naturally arise in your feedback over time, but identifying the themes and tagging responses is time-consuming and tedious for administrators. Visualize automatically identifies themes in your feedback and categorizes responses and suggestions for you. Visually see which areas can be improved and then create initiatives around them without having to go through and tag everything one by one. 


Understand the dashboard 


The Visualize dashboard is located by navigating to Reports > Engage > Visualize.

It works by scanning and categorizing your data into one of 13 culture drivers. The algorithm analyzes responses and suggestions on the sentence level so one survey response may appear in multiple categories. We have all had those responses like "I love my job and my manager but I do not have enough flexibility to work from home. Also, the office could definitely use a new coffee machine. And can we reschedule all meeting to the afternoon since people are most productive in the morning?" These suggestions will fall under leadership and management, work-life balance, and work environment.



Click on a culture driver to see the feedback under that category (Engage survey responses and suggestions). You will also see the sentiment around the feedback whether it is positive, neutral, or negative. Use the filters at the top of the dashboard to see specific slices of time, sentiment, feedback type, and Primary Attribute data.



View feedback


The best part of Visualize is that it will keep getting better and better. The more feedback that is analyzed, the more accurate the feedback analysis will be. To view the feedback associated with each Category, click on a dot in the graph or on a Category name in the list. Feedback will be tagged with a Sentiment (Positive, Neutral, and Negative) and the Category the feedback is being associated with.

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