Three Powerful Limeade Listening Integrations to Boost Participation

You've made up your mind to drive some serious change in the workplace to improve employee engagement and satisfaction. With Limeade Listening in place, you are ready to listen to and act on employee feedback. However, consistent low response rates leave you without the direction you need to move the needle. More participation means more data, which generates more accurate insights for you to take action on.


Allowing your employees to seamlessly access and respond to surveys, without breaking their workflow, plays a key role in uplifting your response rate.  We've done our part to keep the survey short to avoid survey fatigue and save time. Now it's your turn to bring Limeade Listening to where your employees collaborate so they don't have to hop from one platform to another. 


Here are the three highly rated tools by our customers to increase response rates


1. Add Slack for fast and easy response


Slack is a team collaboration tool that brings all communication together in one place. If you are one of over 8 million users leveraging this real-time messaging platform to get work done, do not miss the chance to add Limeade Listening to Slack and bring employee engagement to where your team interacts.



Leverage the Limeade Listening-bot to: 

  • Enable immediate responses: An in-app message delivers new surveys. Employees can respond immediately without having to visit TINYpulse. 

  • Encourage more recognition:  A #cheers4peers channel is automatically created to broadcast Cheers to the whole team. Employees can send Cheers directly from Slack.

  • Build a transparent workplace:  You can choose to live stream suggestions, initiatives, and Wins. Everyone can view and comment, which will also be recorded in the TINYpulse app.


2. Connect Microsoft Teams to build a transparent work culture


Often, email notifications get buried deep in your employees’ inbox. If your organization is communicating via Microsoft Teams, do not forget to add Limeade Listening to Teams, to enable prompt notifications and faster feedback.


Use the Limeade Listening app to: 

  • Never miss another survey: Get notified instantly when new surveys are ready. Employees can respond =within Teams.

  • Keep everyone on the same page: Post status updates on suggestions, initiatives, and Wins where everyone can see them. 

  • Better work culture: By connecting Limeade Listening to the application your employees use the most, you are placing surveys right in their hands to voice feedback. 


3. Enjoy seamless workflow with Limeade Listening Gmail Add-on


Does your organization subscribe to G Suite? Encourage your employees to get Limeade Listening Gmail add-on to respond to surveys, send Cheers, and submit suggestions, all without leaving their inbox.



Install the Limeade Listening Gmail Add-on for: 

  • Uninterrupted workflow: Comment on anonymous suggestions the minute you receive the email alert

  • Skip the friction: See the Cheers you receive, and respond or send new ones, without leaving Gmail.

  • Keep the conversation going: Respond to a private message without having to visit Limeade Listening.


Limeade Listening makes it easy for you to collect, analyze, and act on employee feedback. By connecting Limeade Listening with the platforms your teams use every day, you can take employee engagement to a new level and drastically increase participation. Want your survey response rates to go through the roof? Read our step-by-step guide and put these tips into practice to further up your game. 


Questions? We would love to hear your thoughts on which integrations work best for your team!

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