Enable Limeade Listening gift cards for Cheers

Everyone loves receiving Cheers. Our research has even found a high correlation between recognition and centrality. Meaning, employees who send and receive a lot of Cheers are central to the organization, and central individuals tend to be happier and more engaged in their roles. 

Data aside, Cheers are a fun way to brighten someone's day by giving them the recognition they deserve for going out of their way, above and beyond, or just to say 'congratulations' for a job well done.

But sometimes, employees just do something really special that deserves a bit more than a virtual high-five. That's where the Limeade Listening gift card comes in. 



This article goes into detail about what the Limeade Listening gift card integration is, and how to enable it.

( ! ) You must have Super Admin permissions in Engage in order to enable this feature.





Limeade Listening gift cards are Cheers that carry a redeemable monetary reward. Employees on the receiving end of Limeade Listening giftcard Cheers can immediately visit the Tango Card site to select a gift card of their choosing and redeem their reward.

Check out this article for more information about sending Limeade Listening giftcards. 


Powered by Tango Card


Tango Card is the leading e-gift card provider powering Limeade Listening gift cards. Their digital rewards platform provides e-gifts from leading merchants such as Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, and more. Contact them directly for information about your account, or to report difficulty redeeming rewards. Visit their support center or give them a call at 1-877-558-2646.

Enabling Limeade Listening giftcard in Limeade Listening automatically creates a rewards bank account for you in Tango Card. This process typically takes 24-48 hours so you will need to enable the integration and then come back later to add funds to your rewards bank. 


Rewards bank and convenience fees


Limeade Listening gift cards are funded by a central rewards bank for your organization. Administrators deposit a certain amount of funds into the bank, anyone with permission can send a Limeade Listening giftcard, and the amount is deducted from the bank.

Note that there is a 3.5% convenience fee associated with utilizing this feature. Limeade Listening Super Admins are required to deposit money into the Limeade Listening giftcard rewards bank, and Tango Card automatically deducts 3.5% off the total amount as a fee for using this service. The good news is that employees are not charged anything when they go to redeem their reward so if you send a $10 Limeade Listening gift card, the receiver is entitled to the entire $10 to pick the gift card of their choosing. 




Administrators can choose one or more currencies for Limeade Listening gift cards. USD is the default, but GBP, CAD, and AUD are also supported, along with EUR upon request. Administrators can change the default currency or enable a combination of currencies if your company has offices located in different countries. Read on for more information on how to enable this functionality. 




Upon setup, Super Admins are asked to set permissions to designate Limeade Listening gift card givers. Permissions are set by role or by individuals. In other words, you can allow all Engage Super Admins, Admins, Group Admins, and even Employees to send Limeade Listening gift cards, and/or restrict it to only select individuals.

Know that anyone you give permission to send Limeade Listening gift cards will be able to send an unlimited number of gifts and the monetary amount will be deducted from your org's Rewards Bank. Our recommendation is to start off by giving send access only to certain individuals and admin levels like Super Admin and Admin. After seeing how it goes, then you can decide to open it up to employees. Just be aware that it means anyone can send Limeade Listening gift cards drawing from the same Rewards Bank!


Enable the Limeade Listening giftcard integration


The first step to sending Cheers with Limeade Listening gift cards is to enable the feature and deposit money into your Rewards Bank. 

1. Log in to Limeade Listening and go to the Integrations page in Settings

2. Find Limeade Listening gift card in the list, click on it to open the configuration page, and then select Connect.



3. Enter valid credit card credentials. This card will be used in the next step to put money into the Recognition Bank to send Limeade Listening gift cards. 

Note: This does not have to be the same card that you use to pay for your subscription; you will only be charged for what you decide to put into the Recognition Bank.



4. Click Update Card when you're done. Note that your card has not yet been charged and you haven't added any funds into your Recognition Bank yet (next step).


*It may take up to 48 hours to activate your account in Tango Card. Any funds you have deposited into your rewards bank will not appear until this process is complete so you may need to return later to complete the set-up.  


5. Before adding funds to your rewards bank, set your default currency if needed. The default is USD but you can change it or enable multiple currencies if your company has locations in different countries. If you change the default currency, your Rewards Bank and all Limeade Listening gift cards will operate in that currency. If you enable multiple currencies, the Limeade Listening gift card sender will have to select the correct currency while sending the Limeade Listening gift card Cheers to the recipient. 


6. Add funds to your recognition bank by entering an amount in US dollars in the Current Balance section. The minimum amount that can be added is $10 and it must be a whole dollar amount.



7. Select Add Fund when you are done to deduct the funds from your credit card and debit your Recognition Bank.


8. Control who has the authorization to send Limeade Listening gift cards in the right Permissions & Spending Limits section by toggling permissions on/off. If the permissions are toggled on, that means Limeade Listening users at your organization in that role can send Limeade Listening gift cards as they wish, deducting from your main rewards bank each time.



9. Set a maximum value limit for each Limeade Listening gift card. This limit allows senders to specify the amount they want to gift to the recipient, up to a certain limit set by you as the administrator. This limit is totally up to you and the budget your organization plans to allocate to Limeade Listening gift cards. Some organizations might choose a limit of $5 or $10, while others might raise it higher to $100 or more. You can set the maximum value as you like, but note that the minimum amount for a Limeade Listening gift card is fixed at $5. 


Edit Limeade Listening gift card settings


Return back to the Limeade Listening gift card settings to:


  • Update your credit card information.

  • Add funds to your recognition bank.

  • Change the default currency / enable multiple currencies.

  • Change permissions for Limeade Listening gift card senders.

  • Adjust spending limits.

  • Audit Limeade Listening gift card transactions. 


Go to the Settings -> Integrations page anytime and click the Limeade Listening gift card icon. The full configuration page will open back up where you can perform any of the above actions. 

Add Tango Card as a safe sender


Since Limeade Listening gift cards are powered by Tango Card, you will want to make sure to add the email address that the gift card links are sent from as a safe sender. This will ensure that you and your users are able to receive and redeem the gift cards that are you are sent. To do this, please follow the instructions in our How to Add Limeade Listening Emails as a Safe Sender article, but substitute noreply@tangocard.com for happiness@tinypulse.com.

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