Set up Value Tags for Cheers

With eyes closed and fingers crossed, would the majority of your employees be able to recite your organization's values?


Our research shows that only 42% of employees can say that they know their organization’s vision, mission, and values. So how can employees be expected to live out the company values if they do not know them?


Cheers values tags evangelize company values by making them available in Limeade Listening to attach to Cheers. Whenever someone goes to recognize another employee, they can tag values to a Cheers that best embodies the company value lived.


Create your value tags


You must have Engage Super Admin or Engage Admin permissions in order to set up your company's value tags. Please speak to one of your Limeade Listening administrators if you need elevated access. 


  1. Navigate to your Value Tags settings by going to the Value Tags page in the Platform section of the Settings tab.

  2. Enter your Values. Just know that each Value Tag is limited to 26 characters so you might want to shorten them up to just a few keywords.

  3. Select emojis for your tags to entice your employees to "spice" up their Cheers!



And you are done! The next time someone goes to send Cheers in the employee portal, they will have a full list of your company values to attach. Tags also appear on the Cheers feeds for all employees to view. 



View results in the Employee Portal


Ever wonder which of values resonate most with your employees? Get a quick glimpse of your value-tagged Cheers results in the Employee Portal. The Value-tagged Cheers panel lets you know who is leading the way, which values are most prevalent, and more.



Ranking is determined by the number of Cheers sent throughout your whole organization. The value that was tagged to the most Cheers is ranked "1st". Click the side arrow to reveal the "2nd", "3rd", etc. most tagged values.


Cheers tagged is simply the number of Cheers tagged with this specific value.


Top sender is the person who sent the most Cheers tagged with this particular value.


Top receiver is the person who received the most Cheers tagged with that one value.


View results in the Cheers Dashboard


If you are an administrator in Limeade Listening and you would like to see the breakdown of your values in list view, head over to the Cheers page in the Dashboard tab.



*Note: These stats are reflective of the last 30 days

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