Enable Employee Portal Functions

The Employee Portal for Engage changes the way employees give feedback and interact with their administrators to enact positive change at your company. Give employees access to a dynamic employee portal and get ready for improved transparency, better collaboration, and a happier workplace! 


Manage the Employee Portal

The Employee Portal is enabled automatically for all TINYpulse customers who subscribed on or after December, 6th, 2016. If you became a customer before then, you will have to switch it on manually.

Go to Users and Settings -> Settings -> Employee Portal to see the different options. You can make adjustments like turning on/off voting, showing employee comments in the share back report, and more.



Employee Portal options in detail


Still not sure if full visibility in the Employee Portal is right for your organization? Here is detailed information about each option to help you make an informed decision. Keep in mind that all of these employee-focused features are also available on the TINYpulse mobile app so employees can access them either at their desk or in the palm of their hand. 


Real-time feed


Streams anonymous suggestions, Wins Board initiatives, and Wins to the employee portal. Employees have access to view the feed to see anonymous suggestions submitted by other employees and Wins that have been posted by admins. Additional options include enabling voting and commenting on the feed items, but keep reading since they're separate switches. 



Survey results graph


Publish the survey results graphs to give employees a high-level overview of the results from the TINYpulse survey. Individual responses are not published anywhere in the employee portal, but this option will enable the graph just to give them an idea of how other employees have responded. 





Employees can "like" suggestions and Wins on the live feed, and also Cheers on the Cheers feed (see below). This helps admins crowdsource prioritization of feedback because a lot of votes typically indicates high impact and high importance for employees. Believe us, this voting feature will most definitely make your life easier as an admin since you will know exactly what matters most to your team. 





Allow employees to post non-anonymous comments on the feed. Suggestions are still kept 100% anonymous, but employees can post comments on suggestions they feel passionately about, can help in addressing, or just to express their support (or opposition) of the suggestion. Commenting facilitates collaboration and encourages employees to work with administrators in addressing feedback, giving them a stronger voice and the opportunity to step up and build a better culture organically. 


Learn more about commenting as an administrator. 



Cheers Feed


Stream Cheers to the employee portal in real-time to bring recognition to the forefront of your organization. Employees can check out the Cheers feed at their convenience and even "like" their favorites and add their own comments if you have enabled those two options. 

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