Admin View vs. Employee View

How do you know if you are in the Admin View versus the Employee View? 


1. Look in the top left corner of your screen where the toggle between views is located

2. Notice the color of the highlight of the page title for the page you are on in the left navigation menu

    - If it is orange, then you are in the Admin View

    - If it is gray, then you are in the Employee View

Admin View

When you are an Admin of Limeade Listening, you have access to two different views in the Limeade Listening platform. 

The Admin View is what you need to use when you want to do administrative work with Limeade Listening. Simple enough, right?

These administrative behaviors include:

  • Reviewing survey results
  • Responding to survey results as an Admin (Private Messaging)
  • Reviewing Suggestions and Cheers in-depth
  • Managing upcoming surveys
  • Creating new surveys
  • Exporting results
  • Etc.

Employee View

The Employee View lets you interact with Limeade Listening as an employee (not as an Admin). Just like any other employee, you can answer surveys, send Cheers, submit Suggestions. The employee portal, in particular, provides you an overview of your own activity in Limeade Listening as well as a feed that streams Cheers and Suggestions submitted by your colleagues.



How do you answer your surveys?


From your Employee View, click Surveys from the left toolbar to see all your active surveys and answer them. 


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