Edit 1-on-1 Questions

Coach is here to help managers connect with their direct reports prior to the 1-on-1s., allowing both managers and direct reports to come to 1-on-1s prepared and knowing what your direct reports are thinking. 

Coach gets you started with a set of research-backed questions, but we understand that you want to ask your own questions to get to know your direct reports better. 

Edit 1-on-1 Questions

There are two ways to get to the page that will allow you to create custom questions: 

  1. Go to the  1-on-1 page in the left navigation bar, choose the 1-on-1 that you would like to edit the questions for, click on the three dots, and click on Edit questions.


  2. Go to the 1-on-1 page in the left navigation bar, click on the 1-on-1 that you would like to edit the questions for, then click on the Edit questions icon on the top right corner.



Create Custom Questions

  1. Click on Custom Questions and write down the questions that you want to ask your direct report.


  • Empty questions will not be sent
  • The first two questions about the happiness score and the one word to summarize the feeling are required and cannot be changed or removed. This is to help us aggregate data and provide your insights on your team over time.


  1. After creating all of the questions you would like to ask your direct report, click Done

  2. You will be asked whether you want to apply this change of questions to just the upcoming 1-on-1 only or all of the 1-on-1 meetings with your direct report. 

  • Click Save to save your change to the questions

  • Click Cancel to go back to continue changing the questions. 


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