Respond to a Limeade Listening 1-on-1

1-on-1’s between you and your manager are meant to be helpful, but it can be difficult to ensure they are effective when lacking any consistent format or flow. What should be discussed? How do you ensure your manager regularly knows your needs and how to best support you?

Receiving your 1-on-1 survey

As an employee, you will receive your 1-on-1 survey via email 48 hours prior to your scheduled 1-on-1.

The two exceptions to this are if your 1-on-1 is scheduled for:

  1. Monday - Survey sent the Friday prior

  2. Tuesday - Survey sent the Monday prior (one day before)


You will receive a reminder email 4 hours prior to your scheduled 1-on-1 if you have yet to respond.

Responding to your 1-on-1 survey

Responding to your 1-on-1 survey is not only helpful for your manager. It helps you!
Documentation can play a fundamental role in making sure you receive what you need to be successful at your job. It is easy and should only take a few minutes!

Limeade Listening supplies default questions for the 1-on-1 survey, but managers can customize the question list to best meet both of your 1-on-1 needs.

Limeade Listening default questions:

  1.  How are you feeling this week? (Scale 1-5) *cannot remove

  2.  What’s one word to summarize how you’re feeling? *cannot remove

  3.  Since we last met, what are you most proud of and why?

  4.  What support do you need from me this week?

  5.  What additional items would you like to add to our agenda?

  6.  Who have you observed doing something great that deserves a Cheers from me? (Optional)

Once you submit your 1-on-1 survey, you will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your responses for your own records.

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