Share 360 Feedback

Now that you have sent your 360 feedback requests and the results are in, now you need to close the feedback loop by sharing results with the relevant people.



Sharing 360 Feedback is simple. Just open any piece of 360 Feedback and click the Share button. Enter the recipients' email addresses in the popover, and click Share when you are done. 


Once 360 Feedback is shared, the recipients get an email notification letting them know they have new feedback to view. The feedback that is shared with someone appears in their Shared with you tab within Coach 360 Feedback.



To protect the privacy of employees, feedback can only be shared with the relevant people in their circle. Here is how the permissions look for people who have requested 360 Feedback and now need to share it:

  • Coach Admin requested feedback for a Coach Employee, Coach Manager, or another Coach Admin: This feedback can be shared with any other Coach Admin, the direct manager of the employee who the feedback is about, and/or the employee who is the subject of the 360 Feedback. 

  • Coach Manager requested feedback for one of their direct reports: Coach Managers can share 360 Feedback on their direct reports with any Coach Admin and/or the employee who the feedback is about. 

  • Coach Employee requested feedback for themselves: Coach Employees can share their own 360 Feedback with their direct manager and/or any Coach Administrator. 


See who a piece of 360 Feedback is shared with by clicking the Share button and viewing the list of people at the bottom.


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