Save Custom 360 Feedback Questions

The best 360 reviews are those that are well planned out, communicated, and standardized. To help with the standardization piece, save your custom questions and create 360 feedback templates to be shared amongst leaders in the organization.




Saved questions and templates are shared with all leaders to improve consistency and ease the administration of 360 reviews. This makes it easy for HR folks or other administrators to publish approved templates, and then instruct managers to independently conduct 360 reviews for their direct reports. 


Here is how saved 360 Feedback templates and questions are shared with different users within your organization.


Coach Admins


When Admins save a custom question or template, they are automatically shared with all other Coach Admins and Managers. 


Ideally, Coach Admins will be the primary user of this functionality to set the "company approved" 360 review questions which can be used by leaders to collect feedback on their teams.


Coach Managers


Saved templates and questions created by Coach Managers are not shared with anyone else. They can be used for future 360 requests for themselves or their team members, in addition to the admin templates, but they are not available for use by other Coach Managers or Admins.


Coach Employees


Coach Employees are free to save their own custom 360 feedback questions and templates to collect regular feedback on their own performance. Since 360 feedback is typically driven by Managers and Admins, we have cut down on the clutter and hidden all Coach Admin and Manager saved items from their view.



When to save questions and templates


As you already know, there is usually a lot of planning that goes into conducting 360 reviews. Limeade Listening Coach makes it really easy to collect 360 Feedback, but we recommend administrators take some time to outline the objective of the review and create standard questions and templates to promote consistency throughout the organization.


Before each review as a part of the planning process, Coach Administrators should outline the strategy and then create standard templates by initiative, role, etc. This makes it even easier to collect 360 Feedback in a uniform way as the Manager or Admin requesting the feedback can just quickly select the template and send the request.


Save a template


Saving a custom template is a great way to standardize 360 reviews across the entire company. Remember that when a Coach Admin saves a template, it is available for use by all other Admins and Managers to make conducting 360 reviews a quick and simple process. 


Note that you do need to actually send a 360 Feedback request in order to save a template, so the next time you go to send a 360 Feedback request, decide whether or not you want to save the template before you fire it off!


Here is how to save a new 360 Feedback template:


  1. Initiate a 360 feedback request as you normally would. 

  2. Select Start from Scratch for the feedback form type. 

  3. Enter your own custom questions. 

  4. Click the Save as template button at the bottom of your list of questions. 

  5. Enter a name for your template in the resulting pop-up.

  6. Click Save to save the template.


And now the template will appear in the Saved Template dropdown the next time you, another Coach Admin, or a Manager goes to send a new 360 request.


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