View Onboard Feedback from New Hires

If you have new hires receiving TINYpulse Onboard surveys, you will be able to view onboarding feedback immediately (if you have no idea what Onboard is, start here). Since responses are not anonymous, you do not even have to wait to receive five surveys to be submitted as you do with Engage. 


Feedback submitted by new hires can be viewed in the Onboard module. TINYpulse users need Admin access to Onboard or be a manager of an employee who is receiving Onboard surveys in order to access results. If you have Admin access to Onboard, you can find the Onboard Dashboard page by clicking on the Onboard option in the Dashboards tab and can find Onboard Responses by clicking on the Responses option in the Surveys tab. If you have Manager access to Onboard, you can find your direct reports' Onboard Responses by going to your Employee View and selecting the Onboard options in the My team section.


Onboard Administrator dashboard



Admins can see feedback from all employees on a special dashboard designed to give a holistic view of onboarding programs across the organization. Here are a few quick examples of how to use different metrics on this dashboard to optimize your onboarding:


  • Use the Onboard Timeline to see how question scores are trending over time. 

  • Benchmark your organization's question scores to organizations in your industry as well as all other TINYpulse organizations to see how your onboarding programs measure up. 

  • See how well new hires are getting recognized through Cheers.


View responses by question in Responses


Both Managers and Admins can view Onboard feedback by question on the Responses tab. Onboard Admins can view Responses for all employees. Managers of employees going through Onboard will only be able to view Responses of their direct reports. If you are a Manager and believe that there is an issue with your access in Onboard, please reach out directly to a TINYpulse Admin at your organization.  


On the Responses page are the Responses to the individual new hire pulse questions arranged by the question itself; Week 1Week 2Week 4, and Week 12. Just click the question in the horizontal navigation to view responses. Be sure to click See more down at the bottom if there are more than five. 



View responses by individual


Another option for viewing feedback is to view all responses for a particular employee. Clicking on the name of a user in the Onboard Responses or Dashboard page will bring you that user's Responses page where you can view all of the Onboard Responses they have submitted throughout the Onboard process. Questions will be added as time goes on, so if you do not see four questions, then they are likely still receiving Onboard surveys. 





Onboard Surveys are sent out to new hires after their first, second, fourth, and twelfth weeks on the job, on Wednesdays at 10:00 am in lieu of Engage Pulse Surveys. Be sure to keep the Onboard box selected, enter a start date, and specify the manager when you invite a new hire to TINYpulse! 


Now, once a Response is submitted, the manager of the new hire will receive an email notification informing them that there is a new Onboard response to view. Remember that the manager should have been specified when the employee was invited to TINYpulse or it can be adjusted in the employee's profile in the User Management page in Settings. At this time, only the manager is subscribed to these email notifications to minimize the number of emails that admins receive. Managers may click on the link in the email to view results on their Onboard dashboard. 


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