Edit Onboard Pulses

Want to ask your own, targeted pulse questions to new hires? Administrators have full flexibility to edit or replace Onboard pulses entirely to get the feedback you need to set new hires up for success. 


Do you want to learn more about how new hires feel about the training they received? What about their perception of their own job proficiency? Here are some sample questions to get you thinking:


  • How would you rate the training you received during your first two/four/twelve weeks of employment?

  • How integrated do you feel in the company's culture?

  • Do you feel as though you have been set up for success?


(i) You must have Admin permissions in Onboard in order to customize Onboard pulse questions.  


Adjust survey questions


Get started changing your Onboard Surveys by going to the Manage Surveys page in the Onboard section of the Surveys tab.



From here you have two options to either Edit the pulse or Replace it. 


Edit pulse



Select Edit to adjust the wording of a question or provide a translation. Editing is designed to let you make the necessary adjustments you need without changing the intent of the question. This option retains the benchmarks for the original Onboard pulses so you will still be able to see how your organization performs against those others in your industry as well as every other organization using TINYpulse. 


This option only lets you change the wording; you cannot change the question type. If you want to ask your own custom question, Replace is for you!


Replace pulse



The Replace option lets you enter a completely new Onboard question and allows you to change the question type. Choose from any of the four TINYpulse question types (scale, boolean, open text, and multiple choice) and be as creative as you would like!



Industry and overall benchmarks are lost when you add your own custom question, just as they are in Engage. So think carefully before replacing pulses if benchmarks are critical for you. 


When changes take effect


Onboard pulses stay open for one week. New hires receive pulses on Wednesdays, a reminder on Mondays, and they have until Tuesday at 23:59 to respond before the pulse closes. When you change a pulse, it will not take effect until the next week as to not confuse the Onboarders. 


Here is an example


A Week 2 Onboard pulse was sent out to five new hires on Wednesday. On Friday, an administrator decides they want to replace the Week 2 pulse question to ask something entirely different, so they replace it in TINYpulse. At this point, administrators should keep an eye on the "effective date" after they edit the pulse to know when the first Onboarders will receive it. 



Going back to the original five Week 2 Onboarders, on Monday, they will get an email reminder for the original pulse question they got on the Wednesday before. They will not be able to respond to the new pulse set by the administrator last Friday. 



In short, admins can edit Onboard pulses whenever it suits their convenience, but they will not take effect until the next Wednesday as to not disrupt the current Onboarders by changing up the question mid-week. 


Please let us know by reaching out to our Support team if that does not make sense and we will be happy to help explain things in more detail.


View results from past pulses


You can still view results from past Onboard questions when you replace a pulse. Just click the arrow next to the Onboard Survey title on the Responses dashboard to view results from past questions. 

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