Create Rules for New Hires to Receive Engage Flexible and Pulse Surveys

While Onboard is designed to focus on collecting feedback from your new hires during their onboarding period, Engage is designed to collect feedback from your employees during their development and retention. 

Setting up Rules for Engage surveys gives you control over when your new hires will start to receive Engage surveys. This will help ensure that Engage survey participation is relevant to your new hires, and your Engage surveys will receive accurate feedback data. 

To configure the rule, go to Settings > Platform, and click on the Engage Survey Rules for New Hires tile

By default, new hires:

  • Will receive Engage Pulse surveys 30 days after their start date.
  • Will always receive Flexible surveys.

To change this, click on the Edit icon. 

Update the number of days you want your new hires to receive the Engage Flexible surveys and Pulses from their start date. 

If you want your new hires to receive the Engage Flexible surveys and/or the Pulses from their first day, update the number to 0. 

Click on Save to save the new rules.

This rule is only applied to employees that have the Onboard app turned on for them. For the employees that do not have the Onboard app turned on, they will be able to receive Engage surveys as soon as they are added to Limeade Listening.  

If your organization’s account has Cheers and Suggestions, your new hires will still be able to send and receive cheers and post anonymous suggestions regardless of when they start receiving the Engage surveys. 

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