Recent Product Releases & Updates

At TINYpulse, we’re dedicated to continually improving and innovating our platform to meet your company needs and equipping you with optimal insights about your culture and employee engagement. On this page, you'll find our newly added platform features and upgraded capabilities. If you have any questions about a recent release, please do not hesitate to contact your Customer Success rep or contact our 24/5 support via the Support portal here.

May 2024 Releases:

Survey Responses for Managers

Release Date: May 22, 2024

Empower your managers to take control of their team's engagement strategy with the Survey Responses for managers feature. Now, with the new Survey Response page available in the Manager View, managers gain direct access to their team's survey result data. This enhancement in TINYpulse's manager experience equips team leaders with valuable insights to understand their people better, drive engagement, and streamline administrative efforts.

The Survey Responses for managers page comprises of team-specific survey result data including filterable: 

  • Survey result overview 
  • Text analytics 
  • Participation breakdown 
  • Heatmaps 
  • Key Driver Analysis (KDA)

Admins now have enhanced control with the addition of the Manager Settings page in the Admin View. This new feature allows admins to fully control the survey result features managers will have access to, including:  

  • Turn ON/OFF specific pages within a survey report. 
  • Turn OFF the Survey Response for managers page completely if they do not wish managers to have access to any team-specific results. 

Note: If your organization has not previously turned ON the Manager Dashboard feature, then by default, the manager’s Survey Response page is turned OFF and will require an admin to turn it ON via the Manager Settings page. If the Manager Dashboard is already turned ON for your managers, the Survey Response page will also be ON automatically.

Visit the Survey Responses for Managers support article to learn more. 

January 2024 Releases:

Localization for Onboard

Release Date: January 10, 2024

Collecting feedback from new hires is vital to creating an exceptional employee experience. With the newly added localization for Onboard feature, your new employees can now view onboarding surveys and provide feedback in their preferred language, leading to increased participation and satisfaction from day one! 

*The localization feature is a subscription add-on. To learn more about adding localization to your TINYpulse plan, please contact your Customer Success representative. 

Visit the Send Targeted Emails to New Hires support article to learn more.

November 2023 Releases:

Introducing Recommendations for Engagement Surveys with KDA

Release Date: November 9, 2023

Congratulations, you’ve successfully launched an Engagement Survey at your organization and generated an insightful Key Driver Analysis (KDA) from employee responses. Now what? 

Introducing Limeade Listening’s newest feature, Recommendations, designed by Limeade's Science Institute to suggest the most impactful follow-up questions to help you dive deeper into your prioritized Drivers. Using the recommended follow-up questions will allow you to easily identify and confirm the best initiatives that will improve your organization’s key focus areas.  

 Based on results, Recommendations also provides suggested actions your team can implement and track to improve the prioritized Drivers, helping to eliminate wasted time and investment.  

Visit the Recommendations for Engagement Surveys with KDA support article to learn more.

September 2023 Releases:

Introducing New Insights for Engagement Surveys with KDA

Release Date: September 7, 2023

Dive even deeper into your employees’ Engagement Survey responses and Key Driver Analysis (KDA) to identify which groups are most engaged/disengaged and uncover the breakdown of their turnover and retention rate.

  • Highly engaged and disengaged groups analysis: This newly enhanced insight shows admins which groups have statistically significant high engagement or disengagement and provides key drivers to focus on for those groups. Now admins can have targeted conversations on topics that matter with the groups that need the most attention.
  • Retention and turnover analysis: The new retention and turnover insight provides admins with a breakdown of their workforce retention status. Using four categories: stuck retention, engaged retention, disengaged turnover, and regrettable turnover, admins can identify how many employees are at risk of leaving and get ahead of turnover before it happens. This analysis also helps admins estimate the financial consequences of disengaged and at risk of leaving employees so they can plan initiatives accordingly.

Visit the Insights for Engagement Surveys with KDA support article to learn more. 

July 2023 Releases:

Onboard 2.0 Enhancements: Onboard 2.1 

Release Date: July, 2023

We've updated Onboard to help enhance your organizations onboarding experience even further. Onboard 2.1 includes:

  • Response export to CSV: Export your onboard survey responses to a CSV so you can review all responses together and build custom reports to meet your needs. 
  • Heatmaps: Admins can now view a heatmap of the onboard survey results to quickly identify the important areas to focus.
  • Individual employee's response page: Managers can now review the onboard process of new hires to more efficiently understand and align with an individual employee’s progress.

Visit the Onboard support article to learn more.

Convert Flexible Survey to Series

Release Date: July 6, 2023

Looking to trend a flexible survey after it’s been launched? Admins can now convert expired flexible surveys to a survey series. Use the “Convert to Series” button in the top right corner of any expired survey to start trending. 

Reactivate Expired Survey Series

Release Date: July 6, 2023

Admins can now reactivate a survey series after it expires. Simply visit any deactivated survey in the series and click “Reactivate Series” in the top right corner. You can reactivate any series and reschedule it to be monthly, quarterly, or annually. (Note: Once reactivated, you can make further edits to the series in the normal edit survey flow).

Visit the Engage survey support article to learn more. 

Engagement Index in Other Survey Results

Release Date: July 1, 2023

We've added the Engagement Index metric to all survey result pages that include the five index questions. This means the calculation is now included in survey results and admins no longer have to calculate it manually. The Engagement Index is also included in the heatmap, allowing admins to view the calculated Engagement Index by any attribute or combination of attributes. You can also view your organization's previous Engagement Index, as well as the industry benchmark. 

*The engagement index is comprised of five science-backed outcome questions that quantify your organization’s employee engagement level. It is calculated by the average of the five outcome questions.

Visit the KDA support article to learn more.  

June 2023 Releases:

Key Driver Analysis (KDA) Enhancements 

Release Date: June, 2023

We've updated KDA features to give you more control and flexibility when filtering and sharing your KDA results. For example, you can now provide an analysis with recommendations by department, location or any other attribute you've set up. 

In this recent Limeade Listening update:

  • Admins can view a KDA outcome score (e.g. engagement index) in the Response heat map.
  • Group admins can now access KDA results (outcome score, impacts and recommendations).
  • Admins and group admins can now apply a real-time KDA filter for outcome score, impacts and recommendations. 

Visit the KDA support article to learn more.

May 2023 Releases:

Introducing the Manager Dashboard (version 1)

Release Date: May 30, 2023

Enabling managers with access to a quick overview of their team’s sentiment and engagement empowers them to understand and detect potential problems on time, while saving admins time and energy. 

Introducing the manager dashboard designed as a centralized place to help managers better understand what’s going on with their teams and how they can improve! This brand-new feature streamlines a manager’s team-specific data and reporting, eliminating the need for manually exporting and sharing results by admins.

The new manager dashboard allows anyone with at least FIVE direct reports to

  • Have quick and direct access to view core engagement metrics and compare their team score with the organization. 
  • Access configurable engage metrics reporting. 
  • Review survey results, giving managers a quick look at their team vs company results for both numeric and text responses. 
  • View the progress or changes on their team results over time. 
  • Understand team sentiment.

*The manager dashboard must be activated for the organization by an admin. Please visit our support article for a step-by-step guide to setting up the dashboard for your managers.

**The manager dashboard will continue to be updated with more enhancements over the coming months. Stay tuned for version 1.1 releasing 2023!

Visit the Setting Up the Manager Dashboard support article to learn more. 

April 2023 Releases:

Introducing Onboard 2.0 (version 1)

Release Date: April 27, 2023

Strong onboarding lays the foundation for a positive employee experience at any organization. As a HR leader, it’s important to have the ability to easily collect honest feedback from your new employees so you can ensure they’re happy and engaged from the start!

Introducing Onboard 2.0, Limeade Listening’s newly upgraded feature designed to give admins more flexibility when creating their onboard surveys. It also offers enhanced reporting, enabling admins to access a more customizable and relevant onboard feedback solution so they can improve their new employee's engagement and retention. 

Onboard 2.0 now allows admins to: 

  • Fully customize their onboard surveys for any audience, using any content, at any time. 
  • Access more robust reporting such as cohort analysis, text analytics, heat mapping, and slicing by any attributes. 
  • Define their own rules on when the new hires will receive engage surveys. 
  • And more!

Visit the Onboard 2.0 support article to learn more.

Custom Translations for Your Custom Surveys

Release Date: April 20, 2023

Today, many organizations have a globalized workforce meaning HR leaders have to support many different languages to help employees understand asks and to feel included. 

Introducing Limeade Listening’s upgraded localization feature that allows admins to custom translate the questions in their custom created surveys. You are no longer limited to the translated Limeade Listening question bank, now admins can manually input translated question copy to ensure their global employees can understand surveys in their own language. 

Visit the custom translations and localization support article to learn more.

February 2023 Releases:

Progress Plans 2.0

Release Date: February 10, 2023

Ready to make planning and tracking your survey engagement strategy even easier? Introducing the updated Progress Plans 2.0, designed to give admins full flexibility over building reports while decreasing the number of steps required to set up a plan.

The upgraded version of progress plans allows you to choose your own framework for determining what your organization plans to improve on, how you plan to improve upon it (tracking with multiple metrics and trends), and the ability to update the strategies as they progress.  

Progress Plans 2.0 gives you the ability to: 

  • Organize data across multiple surveys and arrange it in a single place.
  • Create a progress plan with minimal information. 
  • Update relevant data in reports as they progress with the new, more flexible framework. 
  • Manage and create progress plan surveys in one global schedule (Manage Survey page). 
  • Create a “primary metric” which is the leading measurement formed by a group of meaningful questions that can be used to track the progress toward your plan objectives. 

Visit the Progress Plans 2.0 support article to learn more.

January 2023 Releases:

Admin Dashboard 2.0

Release Date: January 10, 2023

We've enhanced the admin dashboard so you can quickly access a more relevant overview of your organization’s health metrics and Limeade Listening activity.

The new admin dashboard is now fully customizable at the user level, which means you can set up your dashboard however you like and it won’t affect other users. This gives you more control over the key information displayed so you can focus on what matters most to your organization and make more informed decisions for your engagement strategy. 

Design and configure your new admin dashboard with the following key metric widgets*: 

  • Survey Results**
  • Survey Participation**
  • Cheers and Recognition**
  • Cheers Leaders**
  • Suggestions**
  • eNPS
  • Percent Engaged
  • Attrition Risk 

*More dashboard widgets will be available soon.  

**Standard default widget in dashboard.

Visit the Admin Dashboard support article to learn more.

December 2022 Releases:

Introducing Question Grouping & Survey Paging

Release Date: December 8, 2022

Limit employee survey fatigue and help increase your response rates with the new question grouping and survey paging option. 

This new feature in survey design gives you the option to break your surveys into desired parts and include section titles and descriptions for a more organized survey layout. Grouping and labelling your questions by topics will help improve your respondents’ experience by making the survey appear shorter and encouraging them to focus on one category at a time for more valid responses.

Visit the Survey Paging & Question Grouping support article to learn more.

November 2022 Releases:

Introducing the Strategic Planning View

Release Date: November 14, 2022

Have you been spending too much time manually organizing survey questions and categories to help with your strategic decision-making? 

Introducing the nestrategic planning view created to give organizations a visual overview of their question strategy. The strategic planning view ensures users are focusing their questions on the identified key categories while helping to create a timely asking schedule and cadence. 

The strategic planning view automatically groups questions into categories and places them on a visual roadmap and timeline so you can quickly review your question strategy throughout the quarter/year.  

With the new view, you will NO LONGER have to: 

  • Click back and forth between multiple screens.  
  • Download multiple CSVs to document.
  • Miss out on asking key engagement pillar questions every quarter.
  • Accidentally send overlapped surveys within one month.
  • Ask too many low-priority questions and not enough high-priority focus questions. 

Visit the Strategic Planning View support article to learn more.

September 2022 Releases:

Introducing the Matrix Grid Question Type

Release Date: September 14, 2022

The new matrix-grid question type allows you to ask a series of multiple choice questions that are closely related; such as questions about employee satisfaction with the company’s benefits regarding medical, dental, PTOs, maternity leave, etc.

Streamline your survey logic by grouping similar questions into sections by topic so you can optimize the survey’s structure and answering experience.

Visit the Matrix Grid Question Type support article to learn more.

August 2022 Releases:

Introducing the Manager view

Release Date: August 23, 2022

Calling all managers! Have you been looking to better manage and organize your team's feedback in Limeade Listening so you're equipped to make a greater impact for your people?

Introducing the all-new manager view in Limeade Listening. This new view was created to support the manager experience while helping you better organize your workplace.

The new manager view allows anyone with direct reports to:

  • Switch to a manager view via the "role selection" dropdown menu.
  • Manage direct reports.
  • *Coming soon: access their manager dashboard and metrics (releasing in 2023).

Visit the Manager View for Onboard and Coach support article to learn more.

Splicing By Manager - All Reports

Release Date: August 4, 2022

You can now view every report under a manager with the newest slicing option, By Manager – All Reports, giving you more flexibility to slice survey results by a manager’s groups.

By Manager – All Reports allows you to collect and view reports from the whole manager hierarchy tree in the organization, not just direct descendants below a manager, so you can have a better overview of results as well as viewing/grouping targeted employees.

Visit the Attributes - By Manager support article to learn more.

July 2022 Releases:

Introducing the User Upload Tool

Release Date: July 28, 2022

Have you ever wished you could load or bulk update your users on your own within Limeade Listening? Well now you can!

Bulk upload your employees and new users into the Limeade Listening platform using the self-service user upload tool! You no longer need to contact your Customer Success representative or Support to upload or update your employee information for you.

The new self-supporting tool allows you to quickly and easily upload new employee information, as well as update existing user details on your own via CSV.

Visit the Self-Serve User Upload Tool support article to learn more.

June 2022 Releases:

Group Admin Survey Creation

Release Date: June 30, 2022

Group Admins now have the ability to create and send surveys to their assigned groups! 

Using their survey schedule page in the Limeade Listening platform, group admins now have the autonomy to collect feedback from anyone assigned to their saved group by generating and scheduling surveys on their own.

*Super admins/admins can view, edit, and delete these surveys. You can also control which specific Group Admins are able to send surveys, or turn off the capability for all group admins if desiredso you have full visibility and management of all surveys sent by your group admins

Visit the Group Admin Guide support article to learn more.

Introducing the Multi-Select Questionnaire Type

Release Date: June 23, 2022

When you need to narrow focus on an employee topic, sometimes a simple “yes” or “no” response just doesn’t cut it, neither do lengthy text responses or no text response at all!

Introducing Limeade Listening’s new multi-select questionnaire option: a multiple choice question type that allows employees to select more than one answer so you can yield cleaner data that’s easy to analyze.

With the multi-select questionnaire type, you can provide a fixed list of answer options and receive structured survey responses; which also makes the survey easier to complete for employees by providing more clarity on questions and answers.

Visit the Question Type: Multi-Select support article to learn more.

May 2022 Releases:

Introducing Text Analytics

Release Date: May 5, 2022

This month, we’ve upgraded our qualitative data reporting view in your survey results to add sentiment (a positive, negative or neutral comment) and theme analysis for every survey with text responses!

Now you can gain quick insights and view trends from your numerous text responses without having to comb through all your qualitative dataWe’ll pull out the key themes and organize them into positive, negative or neutral feedback categories so you can easily discover exactly what and how your employees feel about specific topics.

Visit the Viewing Survey Results: Text Analytics support article to learn more.

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