How do I unsubscribe from emails?

You receive our emails because your organization's leadership has decided to use Limeade Listening as a way to gather 100% anonymous feedback from employees. Limeade Listening is a powerful tool for you to share your voice and effect change within your organization. We encourage you to reach out to your manager or colleagues to learn more about Limeade Listening and how it is designed to help you make your workplace a better place to be. 

If you wish to be completely removed from receiving future surveys and emails, you will want to reach out to your leadership team or manager, as, per our contract with your organization, we are not able to stop surveys or any other reminders from being sent without the permission from an administrator of your account.

However, you are able to stop some emails from being sent to you by going to your Profile, scrolling down until you see the Personal Email Settings, and using the sliders to choose which emails you want to receive.

Want to learn more about email notification settings? Click here!

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