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We believe transparency is critical for organizations (it is one of our own company values!), and that it is important to communicate information to your employees. However, we understand that not all of our users may feel the need to be notified about everything that happens in their Limeade Listening account. That is why we allow users to choose which features they receive emails about.

  1. Personal Email Preferences
  2. Organization-wide Email Preferences

Personal Email Preferences

To change your email notification settings, click on your profile picture (or initials if you have not set one up) and select ProfileIn your Profile, scroll down until you see your Personal Email Settings. In this section, you can use the sliders to choose which emails you want to receive. There are certain emails that you will still not be able to turn off, like survey notifications and reminders and Private Message notifications, because they are communicating key components of Limeade Listening with you.

Please note that if an administrator of your account has turned off certain email notifications, you will not be able to see them in your Personal Email Settings.

Employee Personal Email Settings

Admin Personal Email Settings

If you are an Admin and your organization has the weekly summary emails turned on, you will also be able to turn those off in your Personal Email Settings.

Organization-Wide Email Preferences

There are a handful of email notifications that Admins are able to turn on and off for their organization.

To manage what email notifications are active for your organization, go to the Platform page in the Settings tab and select Email Preferences

On this page you can choose whether or not you would like your Admins to receive the weekly summary emails, your Employees to receive the monthly summary emails, or everyone to receive an email about the first Suggestion submitted in a day.

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