Set up a Streaming Culture Feed

Got a spare TV laying around your office? Celebrate Cheers, Wins, and more with your employees by streaming your Limeade Listening Culture Feed to a TV screen in your office space.


While employees are chatting at the water cooler, using the printer, or just waiting for their lunch to heat up, they can look up and take notice of all the recent cultural successes achieved!


Access your Culture Feed by going to the Platform page in the Settings tab and opening the Culture Feed page.



Use the Standard Culture Feed by simply copying the Feed URL and pasting it into any web browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.). Share this feed with employees by displaying it on a TV screen in a public space around the office. Think, Apple TV, Chromecast, HDMI cable, etc.



The Standard Culture Feed is the default feed recommended by us at Limeade Listening, but you can modify the feed settings by clicking the Edit button. Here you can create new, tailored feeds to better meet your needs, like creating a separate one for each of your office locations. 



Keep your culture front and center by showcasing employee recognition and cultural wins in your physical workplace for all to enjoy!


Happy streaming!

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