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Suggestions are a powerful tool for any company or organization, no matter how big or small. They are an effective way to ‘take the temperature’ of your employees to see what’s working and what may not be working. Having Suggestions enabled lets leadership know where the pain points are, and allows them to formulate a strategy for improvement.

As a Super Admin or Admin, you have the option to create a Suggestion Shareback Report. It can give your employees encouragement to feel comfortable with making suggestions, and by sharing the report and being transparent about the feedback, they will really feel like they are being heard by leadership!

How to create a Suggestions Shareback Report 

The Suggestions Shareback Report can be found in the Share Center of the TINYpulse platform. From here, Super Admins or Admins can create a new Suggestions Shareback Report or edit and view an existing Suggestions Shareback Report.

Screenshot of the Share Center and the Suggestions Shareback dashboard. Highlight the Suggestions in the left menu bar

Super Admins and Admins will see the Suggestions Shareback Reports created by themselves and other Admins.

A Group Admin will only see Suggestions Shareback Reports created by themselves. 

To create a Shareback Report, please do the following:

Click the green Create New button.

Filter the data to be included in the report by the time frame and by the Primary Attribute. When filters are applied, the data below will change accordingly.

screenshot of the Suggestions Shareback table. Highlight the column Updated by

Please note: To protect the anonymity of suggestions, filtered groups must have at least five employees to be able to display the suggestions. 

You can then write down additional notes to give more insights into the report. You also have the option to hide or show any individual suggestions.

For example, you can choose to hide a suggestion if you find it inappropriate, or you can choose to show specific suggestions as a spotlight, if you want to keep the report concise.

To save and share the report, click on Save.

screenshot of the Suggestions Shareback report preview view. Save button highlighted.

A link to the Suggestions Shareback Report will be generated and is ready to share.

screenshot of the Cheers Shareback report preview viewscreenshot of the Suggestions Shareback report ready to share with URL to copy.

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