Manager View for Onboard and Coach

Have you ever wanted a separate workplace in Limeade Listening to better manage your direct reports? Cool, you're in luck! 

Introducing the Manager View for Coach and Onboard; a dedicated view for Managers to review and manage their direct reports.

Any Manager with direct reports in Limeade Listening will have this new View unlocked. You can navigate to your Manager View simply by selecting “Manager View” in the dropdown of the left-side navigation.

The new Manager View helps you focus solely on your direct reports. 

Note: We are in the early stages of releasing this feature; currently, it is only enabled for Onboard and Coach
Engage updates will be coming soon!

If you already use Onboard, you may be familiar with ‘Onboard Status’ and ‘Onboard Responses’. They have been relocated to the Manager View to help you review the Onboard data of your team members.  

For Coach, some pages are available in both the Manager View and the Employee View. The difference between these two views lies with the specific data you will see: 

  • If you’re having 1-on-1s with your direct reports or reviewing the Goals of your team members, these tasks are now housed under the Manager View
  • If you’re working on your own personal goals or having a 1-on-1 with your direct Manager, you will need to use the Employee View.  

Note: All of the logic on these pages is the same, however the data and content will be automatically filtered to serve the purpose of the View you are currently in (managing your direct reports for the Manager View, or completing individual work as an employee for the Employee View).


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