Edit, Complete, or Archive a Goal

Need to do some goal housekeeping? Here is how you can edit, complete, or archive Coach goals that you have created.



Managers can also take all of these same actions on the goals of their employees. This level of control is useful in ensuring your direct reports are writing effective SMART goals and working towards the right objectives. Review your employees' goals at any time and make adjustments to guide them in the right direction.


Edit a goal


  1. From the Goals page, find the goal in the list you wish to edit.

  2. Click the three dots on the far right of the goal and click Edit. Or on the Goal Detail page click the Edit button.


  3. A window will pop up to allow you to modify the title, goal description, or due date.


  4. Click Save to complete (or cancel if you have changed your mind). 

Complete a goal


First and foremost, congratulations on accomplishing your goal! We are sure you have been working hard to achieve it so now be sure to mark it Complete. Completed goals retain the progress bar and comment history. It will live in the Completed Goals section and can be accessed at any time.


There are two ways to complete a goal:

  1. On the Goal Detail page click the Complete Goal button.

    1. Add any final notes to reflect upon this goal. These notes will be input in the chat history.

    2. Click Complete Goal.

2. Update the progress bar to 100%

a. A banner will pop up to congratulate you and nudge you to mark the goal complete.

b. Click the Complete Goal button.



Archive a goal


Archiving is the best solution for goals that you do not want to pursue any longer but still want to keep the history. Archiving goals will put them in an inactive state while storing all of the data. A goal cannot be updated while it is in an archived state but it can be removed from the archive at any time.


From the Goals page click the three dots on the far right of the goal and then click Archive. If you are on the Goal detail page click the archive button to move this goal to the archive.


The goal will now be listed in the Archived Goals section and you can view it as you would any other goals, but no action can be taken on this goal until it is removed from the archive.

Recover a goal


If you need to reactivate an archived goal for you or an employee, no problem! 

  1. Go to the Goals page.

  2. Find the employee who needs a goal reactivated. If you are doing this for one of your own goals, skip to step 4.

  3. Scroll down to the Archived Goals section.

  4. Select the three dots on the right side of the goal.

  5. Click on the Remove from Archive button.

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